This year the Xmas Cracker is a Maprun6 virtual event run over the week of 4-10 Dec, and without the fun of the soup and pizzas at the Hutchinson’s. But it will still be fun and there is the added attraction of going digital.

As with previous years is a 90 minute score event, with the checkpoint score increasing with distance from the start. It starts and finishes at Milngavie Station , for ease of access and parking.

The course will be available from 8am on Saturday 4 December, and you must finish your run by 12 midnight on Friday 10 December. It is protected by a password before then, so don’t think you can cheat!

To get the course :-

    1. Download Maprun6 onto your phone ( usual sources) register with your details.
    2. On Maprun6 –
      1. Select ‘Select Event’ button
      2. Scroll down to select the folder ‘UK’, then folder ‘Scotland, the folder ‘Glasgow’ , then folder ‘Westies’ , then the event names ‘Xmas Cracker 2021 N90′. 

The Course starts at the control marked S1 and finishes at F1. The Maprun6 registers when you are at a control (bleep and control changes colour) . This includes the start, so avoid going near it until you are ready.

The scoring is :-

    1. Checkpoints 01-10 Score 10 points each
    2. Checkpoints 11-20 Score 20 points each
    3. Checkpoints 21-30 Score 30 points each
    4. Checkpoints 31-40 Score 40 points each

If you are out for more than 90 minutes then there is a penalty of 10 points per minute ( over 90 minutes ) that will be deducted from your score.

When you check in at the Finish your results are automatically recorded and uploaded , and can be viewed by selecting ‘Show Results’ on the main menu.

Some general notes on the course :-

        1. Checkpoint 5 is at a low wall in the open grassy space.
        2. Checkpoint 28 is at a large building in an open field. It may be fun to find if it is dark and misty, but it is there.

If you have any problems then email me( or phone 07732336120 and I will do what I can .

So have a good time and, if this year is anything like previous years, I expect there will be some unexpected incidents.


John Hutchinson

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