Meeting at 6:30pm at the corner of Cleveden Road and Cleveden Drive. Hill reps in the Kelvindale area, road shoes required.

This week we are going to be doing some downhill reps on a long Kelvindale hill with a gradual gradient. If you can’t make the session you require a hill that takes about 2-3 minutes to run up.

The  plan is to run up the hill at an easy pace to the top then run back down it as fast as you can. We will repeat this 6 times. Prior to tackling the hills do 3 warm up reps first of about 2-300 metres each at a steady pace. In terms of recovery take a minute at the bottom of the hill after each hard downhill effort and take 30 seconds between running back up the hill and each downhill effort.

Meet at

Cleveden Rd & Cleveden Dr, Glasgow G12 0NT

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