12 January 2019 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sharon Taylor
07801 653 103

The challenge is to start at the flag pole in Queens Park and visit the 6 parkland checkpoints in order, as well as a pub of your choice in between each park.  Pubs can be found without much diversion from the route shown on the map.  You do not have to choose the absolute optimum pubs in terms of location, instead focusing on finding a good ale or beer!

It will be entirely self-timed and you will be trusted to take in each checkpoint.  With your team mates you need to decide what time you want to start so as to finish as close to 5pm as you can.  Remember to consider your running time (the optimum course is about 16 miles), your drinking time in the pub (are you aiming for 5 minute per pint or a more sociable 15 minute visit), and if you are drinking (which is not mandatory) I imagine you won’t be running at PB pace!

There will be some prizes – for the quickest team, the team that finishes closest to 5pm, etc. So if the weather is foul at 5pm when you finish we can meet in the warmth of the pub rather than hanging around by the flag pole in Queens Park.

The idea is that we aim to all finish at the more or less the same time 5pm so you can start at a time that suits you / you partner / team that allows for the run and the stops at the pubs along the way.

If you fancy taking part pop the date in your diary and let me know if you are interested.  I’ll gather names and help match-up anyone looking for a group or pair to join.

If you have any questions re: this run please get in touch. I will also arrange for a copy of the route map, with checkpoints to go onto the Westies website.

Any questions re: the SS6 pub run, email or text.


Sharon Taylor

Events Secretary

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