A drizzly start saw a reported 11000 runners take to Edinburgh’s streets to try a flatter course over the classic 26 mile distance. Despite less than 30 miles running training in the last 6 months I decided to "give it a bash" as some kind of weird experiment to see what sort of "Residual Fitness" I typically retain over a winter of skiing and beer quaffing. The opportunity came on 1st June as one of Chris’ colleagues decided he wouldn’t be running.

Armed with loaded bottle belt and far too many gels, I (code name Bill Fisher) set off through the streets and bike paths of my Senior School and University days.. The weather cleared up and I managed to maintain a reasonably constant 8m30 pace until about the 17 mile mark where it started to get sore..

Worst bit was Miles 20 through 23 – I think they took me about 30 mins with repeated stretching stops and various false re-starts !!

Finish was fine – Miles 23 through finish in about 23 minutes – seemed easier running uphill !!

Managed 3h45m26 which was quicker than I could have hoped for and only a few minutes slower than my Ironman run split (the only other time I’ve raced the distance – albeit with 3.8kms swimming and 180kms cycling before it) last year..

New course was ok if not a little dull along the sea front from Cramond to Portobello.

Full results here:


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