I made my urban orienteering debut this Wednesday at the STAG Bridgeton Score event along with Ruth, Outi and Klass.

During this time I learned the following:

– I am not as good at reading maps as I thought.
– It’s important to SLOW DOWN and THINK. Ideally not after you’ve pissed away the first 10 minutes running around in circles on the streets by Trongate
– It is possible to simultaneously know exactly where you are and be profoundly lost.
– Being familiar with your surroundings is not necessarily an advantage; just because that’s the road you normally run down to get to that street, doesn’t make it the fastest.
– Running fast on roads is really hard if you’re out of practice, no matter how fit you might be otherwise. (I already knew this, but it’s always an ugly surprise.)
– Following experience people isn’t always a good idea – particularly if they’re looking for the nearest convenient ladies toilet rather than the next control.
– Sure, your fellow Westies are all high-5s and hellos 10 mins in, but with 5 mins to go it’s just scowls, vulgar gestures and low-key malign intrigue with the organisers.
– Urban orienteering is quite hard and surprisingly good fun, might have to do some more of it.

I got back to the start within the allotted time and got all but two of the controls – I think I did quite well, but I genuinely don’t know if that’s true.

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