Jonathan Weir gave myself and davie Duncan a lift up to Drumnadrochit yesterday and on the way we went past Manny and Brenda’s place to collect the trophy Manny won last year as he was unable to defend it this time. Great wee hurl up the road and the weather was just right …..dry, cool, and not much wind. After registering and getting our day-glo yellow top which has to be worn in the race we had time for cup of tea/coffee and a cake before the race started. About 30 or so toed the line all resplendent in the afore-mentioned tops and ….we were off like scalded cats heading initially directly away from the hill ….after about a hundred yards or so there is a cunning shortcut which saves about 50/70 yards and was inaugurated by Alan and Tilly Smith last year ….amazingly Ross Bannerman went past it and as he backtracked I was ……albeit briefly ……in the lead as we hit the main road. Ross passed me then 3 guys roared past to the front and another few got past also. It can’t be much less than a mile in total to the hill proper with the last 400m of road starting to climb. I was just ahead of Davie and Jonathan as we left the road and started the real graft although Davie was closing me down fast. Jonathan’s got a dodgy knee at the moment and started to fall back a bit. I tried to hang onto Davie which dragged me past 3 guys but left me 50m behind him at the turn at the top. Hurtled down the hill passing another couple and when I got to the road I was about 150m behind DD which I held/slightly closed till we got back to the flat and then he eased away over the long run in. Great finish as you do a lap round the track with the announcer shouting your name as you enter the arena and as you finish the race. No idea who won but I know I was considerably faster than the last time I did this wee race which, despite its long road section, I really recommend.

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