A great turn-out for the club on Saturday’s DAAA XC.

An exciting course that had it all – woods, rivers, mud, sand, stingy nettles, tarmac (a surprising amount) and, for quite a few people, a horse in the wrong direction.

I started strongly and swapped places with the top four throughout. At the end of the first lap of the park I felt knackered – XC’s hard right? On the second time round I was beginning to lap a few folk. On the narrow strip at the top of the field by the line of trees this presented a choice – move in front of a runner or get smacked in the face by a branch. So obviously I got smacked in the face repeatedly.

Marc Pollok made a real effort to get ahead on the final hill – I decided not to try and match his speed this far from the finish, thinking I would catch him on the final, flat, mile. This turned out to be incorrect and I took 3rd place just 7s behind him.

James, Scott and Robb appeared in quick succession to guarantee us the Men’s team prize. The Westies Ladies team did us all proud by picking up the team bronzes.

After the race, Leyre remarked how much she was enjoying her Scottish mini-break. The Alps is good, sure, but you can’t beat laps of Maryhill mud.

Results – https://www.dunbartonshireaaa.co.uk/xc/dunbartonshire-aaa-cross-country-championships-saturday-23rd-november-2019


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