20 Westies took park in the Creag Dhubh British fence jumping championships 2019. The course included 10 fence crossings with 2 laps of a shinty pitch and short hill run to help spread runners out.

I was happy with my fence jumping. I vaulted the first fence cleanly and luckily avoided a faller at the 2nd fence. The 3rd and 4th fence were both quite low allowing me to cleanly hurdle them, the main challenge was the awkward spacing between the fences. Fence 5 was more of crash barrier and was placed right at the top of a steep climb making it probably the most challenging of all of the fences.

After the first 5 fences there was a bit of a hill run which was unfortunate as I lost loads of places.

Fence 6, again a crash barrier, with a very steep drop on the far side that required careful navigation between trees. Fence 7 and 8 were again closely spaced, I could see the two in front were starting to struggle and one of them stumbled allowing me to gain quite a bit. I ballsed up fence 9, catching my foot on the top wire but cleanly vaulted fence 10. The two runners in front both struggled with the last fence which meant I had much more momentum for the final lap of a shinty pitch. Thankfully this allowed me to pass both of them and finish 43rd.

Some great track running and caber tossing by the Westies followed the fence jumping.

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