Shafted by the Shanghai Shuffler – well, all except John Hamer who had a great run to win the 2010 Christmas Handicap at Carbeth. Rumours of EPO, HGH and all sorts of Chinese funny stuff abound re Dodgy Dave, and we await the results of the dope test with bated breath. That aside, it was a minor epic getting to the start this year, as lying snow on the "high road" led to some dodgy conditions, with half of us leaving our cars at the Carbeth Inn and running to the start. A round ten Westies made it, and timekeeper Drew as well. Dave left it a bit late, but spot-on to head off with Steffen at the back of the field. Muffy arrived fashionably late and meandered round herself. Studs and ice grips abounded and John Hamer’s Kahtoola Microspikes payed off as he romped home over 3 miles of slushy snow well ahead of a fast finishing Dave, followed closely by Pauline. The fancy dress theme was kept up well by Pauline, John H and a few others, and a cold Carbeth Inn hosted us afterwards. Well done all.

GPS Route on Garmin

  1. John Hamer 23m 08s
  2. Dave Calder 20m 21s
  3. Pauline McAdam 25m 34s
  4. Helen McPherson 27m 03s
  5. John Donnelly 22m 19s
  6. Cat Miller 25m 54s
  7. Steffen Gorgas 21m 47s
  8. Myra McAdam 31m 30s
  9. Elizabeth Adam 30m 08s
  10. Muffy Calder 31m ??
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