Cairntable Crawl

Well for my dead legs it certainly was a crawl, though Andy and Johnston seemed full of life out in the wilds of the Ayrshire/Lanarkshire border. Only my 2nd time in 15 years up this, what is probably my local hill. The dire weather forecast wasn’t too bad, though the wind was a bit cutting on top, didn’t stop Andy braving it in T-shirt and shorts all the way, while I wimped on in cagoule mode, hat and gloves. Though boggy on the bottom, it is quite a runnable track to the massive cairn and despite wanting to turn round after 5mins I plodded on to the top in about 35mins. We enjoyed a lovely descent back down, relieved to see that our cars had survived an hour alone intact in Muirkirk. Dreich weather on the way back, so we lucked out there.

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