… but a smashing wee race to finish off the Bog and Burn series.

I hadn’t done this version of the route before but really enjoyed it, maybe because I wasn’t last for a change!

102 starters waited for the juniors to finish their well-subscribed race, the final two were not much more than toddlers with their parents so good hopes for the future.

There’s about 200m of running before the route turns steeply up the hill then lots of very steep climbs with some runnable sections between, through a gate and on to a big steep section where the leaders started to come charging down. Above that there was a wee top then some level running into a bit of a headwind before the final summit. Round the cairn just behind Sharon and surprised to meet Pat in last place after Ian McManus. Managed to pass Sharon at the start of the main descents and battered down, only way to treat this sort of descent as a careful approach would have been really slow and would lead to sore legs next day. Crossed the line and waited for Sharon to finish but first yellow vest was Pat who is usually quite canny on these steep descents, then Sharon and finally Ian.

Gwyn finished in 5th place as first Westie (Don Naylor took 7 seconds of the record in winning place) then Dave, Don, Brian, Jamie and Elizabeth came in before the Westies tail-enders.

A welcome but expensive beer in The Steading was had before the prizegiving for the race then an ad hoc dishing out of bottles of liquid by Jamie Thin to those worthies who had turned up for the final Bog and Burn race. An extra beer was awarded to Ian McManus and Lorna Mahoney for completing all 12 races in the series!



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