With one race to go this is a good time to look at some stats from the bog and burn series. 847 runners have ran at least one race (up > 10% on last year and still Caerketton to come). 238 women have ran at least one race. The most popular race as always was Dumyat with 360 runners, with the Whangie Whizz being the 2nd most popular with 192 runners. The least popular was Ben Sheann with just 60 runners. Andrew Fullwood (Westies) is the only runner this year to have a chance to finish all races.

Here’s a quick review of how things look in each of the categories.


Alex Berry (Westies) had a fantastic result at Cairn Table to reclaim the lead from Ella Peters (Westies). Romy Beard (Bella RR) also finished her 6th race at Cairn Table to sit in 3rd. Alex is on 237 points with Ella on 254 and Romy on 318. My quick check of the stats shows that Alex’s worst counting score is 52, Ella’s is 76 and Romy’s is 72. So Ella still has a chance of catching Alex.


After winning at Cairn table Niall McAlinden (Westies) has taken the lead. Justin Carter (Cambuslang) has jumped into 2nd position after his fine run at Cairn Table and James Bowden (HBT) after leading for a number of weeks is now in 3rd. Justin can at best equal Niall’s score by winning at Caerketton and hoping that Niall finishes outside of the top 10. Kenny Richmond (Shettleston) could also finish in the top 3 with a good run a Caerketton.


Claire McArthur (Hamilton) is the only runner who could complete the series. She needs to run at Caerketton.


Justin Carter leads from Jonathan Weir (unattached). But Kenny Richmond could jump ahead of Justin if he runs well in Caerketton.


Kay McGreevy currently leads, but due to some miss communication about age categories at Kaim I was mistaken in declaring her the winner. Alison Ridyard (HBT) having completed her 5th race at Cairn Table could catch Kay with a good run at Caerketton.


Nobody can beat Julian Warman (HBT). He has dominated this category from the start to the finish of this year’s Bog and Burn.


Jane Oliver (Deeside) had a fine run at Cairn Table to complete her 5th race. She is the only F60 who can finish the series.


This is probably the tightest race of the series with Gordon McCaffrey (Westies) holding a very narrow lead over Don Reid (Westies). Gordon has 186 points to Don’s 203. Gordon will be trying to drop a score of 42 while Don will be trying to drop a score 49. If Don runs exceptionally well in the last race he could overhaul Gordon and take the win.


I haven’t mentioned this category before but Max McFarlane (Kilbarchan) has been ticking along in the background and has completed 4 races. Although he cannot complete the series he has ran some good races throughout the summer and deserves mentioning.

See the spreadsheet below for the update from everyone who could complete the series

After 11

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