After 8 races in the bog and burn and as predicted Julian Warman (79 pts – HBT) has taken a commanding lead over Jonathan Weir (160 pts – Unattached) and Christopher McKiddie (175 pts – Westies). 14 people have now completed their 6 races, with Andrew Fullwood and Chris Furse (both westies) maintaining their 100% record, completing all races so far.

Here’s a quick summary for each category:


Julian does have a commanding lead at the moment but James Bowden (HBT) on 44 pts after 5 races looks like a clear favourite to overtake him especially if he can repeat the form that saw him finish 2nd at Cort ma Law. Another to keep an eye on is Justin Carter (Cambuslang) on 29 pts after 4 races. Overall the series is still wide open, with 6 different winners of the first 8 races. Can James Espie (Deeside) get down south 3 more times and finish the series?


Kay McGreevy (756 pts – BMF), is the only woman to have completed 6 races so far. However, Alex Berry, Kerry Cunningham and Holly Eadsforth (all Westies) would all overtake her if they finish a 6th race. Ella Peters (Westies) still has to complete 2 races but would be the clear favourite for the haggis trophy if she can get to two more races.


Julian Warman has a clear lead from Jonathan Weir at the moment but Justin Carter should still be favourite if he can finish two more races


Claire McArthur (Hamilton Harriers) leads having finished 4 races, with Alison Ridyard (HBT) having finished 3.


Chris Furse is looking good for the win, But Ivor Normand (HBT) on 5 races and Ian Thurlbeck (Westies) on 4 races could run him close if they finish a few more races. Chris is in the nice position now where as long as he finishes better than 63 he will be improving his points tally.


Kay McGreevy should have it sown up, although it is mathematically possible for Michelle Hetherington (Carnethy) to catch her if she runs every remaining race.


The Westies M60 super squad have this competition almost sown up. With Gordon McCaffrey leading (214 pts), Murdo MacLeod 2nd (396 pts) and Brian Brennan 3rd (533 pts). Don Reid could also get in the mix, currently on 192 pts after 5 races.


Jane Oliver currently leads having completed 4 races, but Jean Bowman could also still feature having finished 3 races.

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