Yes Blairboy, it is a free world ( according to Dubya Bush) and we band of four, me, John S., Steffen and Chris exercised our Scots’ right to roam on a gorgeous evening that required a bit off off roading instead of tarmac-bashing. We did a lovely wee route that Dave, Archie and myself trailblazed earlier in the year. Across into the science park and onto the River Kelvin Walkway; upstream along the footpath to Balmore Road turning left on to the pavement and up and over to the Balmore Roundabout; then on to a wee riverside path that leads to the Golf course crossing point where we must just have missed the others by a few minutes; then back along the golf course and on to Rannoch Drive and down to Westies – 10 miles in 56minutes, not bad eh?! A gorgeous night for running and nicely rounded off by some food and drink in the Esquire pub after.

See you all at the AGM for the launch of Westerlands Running Club! Or maybe Blair you would prefer Fabia Racing Club?

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