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Captains Diary in the run up to the Burdens

Nov 1st: Send out email asking for names… Blink… 46 unread emails saying people are keen. Nov 20th: Starting reading through emails and assigning teams, this involves a 36 dimensional equations that even Gwyn would be proud of. Dec 9th: Chat with Sam who adds 11 additional dimensions to the planning equations. Dec 25th: Enjoy

Strathpeffer International 4 x about 100 m relay race

While most people we’re screaming at the TV watching GB take gold in London while heartbroken at Bolt having to pull up injured in his last ever race a MUCH more import race was taking place in Strathpeffer. A hill runners select team featuring Ross Gollan, James Espie, Myself and some French guy who seemed


Highland Fling 2017

The day started like most others… Aron set about eating or something while lefty and I admired each other. After weeks of cycling we were both looking strong but lean… ready for a run.  Aron took us up to some train station… can’t remember where. But it was ace there were so many ladies checking

Irish Champs 2016

Irish Championships 2016 The Irish Champs are a series of 5 events with 3 to count spread over the whole country. Including the highest mountain in each of the 4 provinces (think rugby teams) plus Galtymore (Because it’s an awesome mountain). It’s been on my to do list for a while and this year presented

Tromsø Skyrace

With a start list boasting several of the strongest Scottish hill runners. including, Jasmin Paris, Tom Owens, Finlay Wild, Andy Fallas, Konrad Rawlick and Graham Kelly I knew this was going to be a tough race. I therefore decided that the best approach would be to relax and enjoy the first mountain so that when


Myself and James originally entered this way back in the winter but James decided to pull out due to being soft… Anyway luckily I spotted Iain doing some stuff on strava meaning he was back on dry land. He seemed keen to do the race, and I knew that with him only having 6 weeks

Glencoe Skyline

Images In the spring there was an email went round the westies mailing list about a potential new race… a sky running race in Glencoe. Going over all the major peaks in Glencoe and including some interesting scrambling. The response to the email was some people were intrigued, others dismissed it as too dangerous and


By Claire Larravide 😛   So… after a pretty dismal Saturday (following a pretty dismal run of rubbish 12 hr shifts in work) and the cancellation of a previously booked Triathlon for the Saturday (before the bad weather forecast, so it probably would have been cancelled anyway)… I was desperate for a wee race and

Beinn Dubh

Images Huge turnout of westies at the first Bog and Burn of 2015 at Beinn Dubh. It was my first time doing this race and first bog and burn since 2013. My plan was to keep it nice and steady and enjoy the run.  This went out the window when I spotted James 5 or 6 places ahead