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We Kaim, We saw, We Conquered.

Veni, Vidi, Vici or for those who aren’t James. We Kaim, We saw, We Conquered. 28 Westies (I think, some didn’t put there club on the entry form) toed the start line of the 2019 Kaim hill race. The gun went off at 7 pm sharp and we were on our way up the hill.

Meikle Bin

With Iain Thurlbeck on holiday a nervous bunch of westies set off on a run up Meikle Bin. Thankfully we found the ride through the forest after 2.5 km (or is it the one after 2.4 km). We took the wrong gap in the forest down to the stream but it seemed to work out.

Carnethy 5

“Mountain rescue have just radioed to say it’s too windy to stand on the top of South Black Hill so…. Good Luck” BANG!!!! And we’re off running the 49th Carnethy 5. It was the usual panicked sprint across the tussocks, all plans of clever lines through the gorse out the window in the first 15 s

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Devils Burdens 2019

12 Westies teams were running at the Devils Burdens this year. YES 12… 70 Westies at one race! Mostly due to Jenn’s diplomatic, negotiating, logistics and administration skills there were no on the day disasters and all 12 teams finished strongly. Particular thanks go to Harper and Ian who both ran twice to ensure that

The Unknown history of Archibald Speirs

Archibald Alexander Speirs was a Scottish Liberal politician. Archibald made his money in the drugs and people trafficking trade and was a prominent member of the Westray Boyz gang from Possil. However, what is not known about him is his passion for hill running. During his regular trips to Westminster where he was an MP

Scottish 4000s

Like all good ideas, my first thoughts of doing all the Scottish 4000ft peaks in a 1er happened in a pub after several glasses of “water”. It was the pub in Glenmore Lodge and chat was about the old duathlon that followed the route. Fast forward a number of years and this summer presented an