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Hill Round of Loch Lomond

Start and finish in Balmaha at the Tom Weir statue. Conic Hill (tourist and highest tops), Gualann, Binnean nan Gobhar (plus subsidiary tops Stob a Choin Duibh, Beinn Bhreac-trig), Beinn Uird, Ben Lomond, Cruinn a Bheinn, Cruachan (cross Arklet dam), Stob an Fhainne, Beinn a Choin, Stob nan Eighrach, (cross A82 Inverarnan), Ben Vorlich, Ben

Two Inns

During a perfect week of weather the forecast from 3 days out was looking wet for Saturday. Nevermind, I thought, from this far away the forecasters generally are slightly off however fair play to them they were spot on. A fairly small field of about 30 runners lined up to start in the drizzle looking

Arrochar Alps 2013

Allegedly wisdom comes with age but keenness overcame wisdom and I decided to do The Law Breaker on Wednesday as a nice evening run. A good length and shouldn’t do much harm for Arrochar with 2 potential rest days in between. I’ll take it easy. Well I did take it relatively easy but for whatever

2nd at Killin Highland Games

03/08 There were only seven entries and I was the only one that had done a hill race before. A bit short (my time 26.31) but enjoyable none the less. As is usual for me the leader pulled away and probably had about 2mins lead by the summit. I reeled him in on the descent

Merrick 17/09/05

Myself and Helen headed down for this great race. Running conditions were good with a breeze and the clag down to about 6-700m to stop us overheating. My race went something like this. I was lying 4th for about the first half of the ascent and thought I’d started too fast as usual. Ronnie Gallagher

Ben Nevis

And what joy, think ye, did they feel after the exceeding long and troublas ascent? – after Scrambling, pushing Lifting,gasping Looking, hoping Despairing, climbing Loosing, gathering Talking, stepping Grumbling, anathematising Bumping, jogging for know you that by these methods alone are the most divine mysteries of the Quest reached. Norman Collie 1894

Borrowdale Fell Race 06/08

A bit of early low cloud had lifted by the start leaving almost perfect race conditions. Not sure how many entries but I heard it was over 300. Mostly on fairly runnable ground and paths. Unofficial winning time was 2.46 by Simon Booth, 2nd Ian Holmes. My time as only Westie 3.39. I don’t know

Norman’s Law 15/04/06

A weekend working in Fife coincided nicely with this race. It was a beautiful spring day with very dry conditions which I wasn’t expecting following the mud bath at Knockfarrel last weekend. It’s a fairly flat course and consequently had a blistering pace which I struggled with. The summit leg follows paths but you can

Jura 2006

It had been a long wait. The first time I picked up the SHR calendar was 2001 and looking through it the Jura Fell Race sounded like the one to do. It was cancelled that year because of foot and mouth. 2002 and 2003 I picked up colds in the few days before, 2004, other

Evans Pass Run Over 28/11/07

An 8k evening trail race rising to about 250-300m I think. It started beside the beach at Sumner (a suburb of Christchurch, NZ) and stayed mostly on road then trails heading up onto the side of the Port Hills (part of an ancient crater rim on the Banks Peninsula). This was the third race of