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Cyclist v Harriers 2018

Apparently, Westie reports are like buses. You wait ages for one – and then two come along at the same time! Anyway…I got over excited again. Rushing off too fast at the start of a race. I wanted to nail the first jump which was fairly tall for my wee legs, so I was approaching


Chapelgill hill has race 2.6km & 410m. I really couldn’t be bothered with this race today. I felt so unfit and I didn’t like my chances that I wouldn’t come last. Also, it didn’t help that it was 0.5 degrees with a wind chill of about -7! It didn’t start great as I tweaked my

Devils Burdens Newbie

The Devil’s Burdens, 2017 It was going to be my first relay race. I hadn’t raced anything that short on hills since I was a teenager; I prefer longer, slower runs, so the speed required had me a bit worried. Waking up way before normal, I made it out of the house in good time

Skyline Scotland

The Skyline Scotland included three races over the weekend; the Mamores VK, Ring Of Steall and the Glencoe Skyline. With all the press and hype from last year’s race a few of us Westies headed up to the Mamores to see what all the fuss was about and Niall went up again to face the

Ochills Relay Race. Where were you?

The Ochills relay race happened last Sunday  in the intermittent rain and where were you? For this was an epic relay race. Made epic by a steep and muddy descent down a steep Ochill Hill – the Wee Tory down into the safety of Alva. For those of you that have completed the Alva Highland

Kentmare Horseshoe 2016

The Westies fly the flag (again) at the Lake Districts ‘The Kentmare Horseshoe’ race. This race has been running for 41 years or is it 42. Anyway it has been around for a long time and so has the race organiser Pete Bland, who has organised every single race!! This year it was his last

Scottish National Cross Country Championships 2016

  (Please follow the links below to see slow-mo vids of the mens and ladies races which I loaded onto you-tube)       Thousands of fit runners from across Scotland with their family and supporters filled Callendar park on what can only be described as a glorious Saturday afternoon. The sun was shining hard

Loch Ossian 2015

It was my first time venturing along to the Loch Ossian weekend that I had heard so much about and so I was given the label of Loch Ossian virgin alongside other adventurous newbies: Owen, Leyra and Roddy. Some of us drove up from Glasgow to catch the train at Bridge of Ochry while others