Entries by JD

Glen Rosa Men Only Hill Race

Sat 16 June 2007 Where were the women??!! Yes, for the first time that any of us could remember there were no women running a hill race! Shock horror!! Well if you weren’t there, man or woman, then you missed a fine day out, just a pity about the rufty-tufty race that we had to

Ennerdale Horseshoe Fell Race

Continuing my experience of “classic” long fell races in the Lakes, I completed the Ennerdale Horseshoe on Saturday – 20 odd miles, over 8000 feet of climbing in 6 hours. At times I wished that I had “only” been doing Glen Rosa as I would have had at least a couple of hours less in

lairig ghru hill race

After I wimped out of my planned 300K cycle for Sat(195 miles on a wee saddle-stupid idea really)I was wondering whether or not to give the LG another go after I plodded round it 2 years ago just scraping under 4 and a half hours. After John Duffy of the SHITs said he and sometime-Westie

Chatelherault Handicap Trail Race

Captain Chris’ idea of a race in the lovely Chatelherault Country Park near Hamilton turned out to be a cracker of a race and sure to be a permanent fixture in the Westies schedule. The weather was perfect, the trail dry and the marking of the course absolutely superb (though Muffy and David Riach may

Round Arran Road Relays

A traditional Westies day out over to the Isle of Arran. Not a relay in the usual sense, more 6 separate races with times added up at the end to find the winner. I was joined by Dave Riach, Tony R, Nigel, Drew, Muffy and some-time Westie Mark McColl. We’ve no idea where we finished

Bar Hill Run

There was a great turnout of almost 20 Westies for this sojourn out to the wilds of Twechar and Croy. We ran over a mixture of canal towpaths, wooded trails, the Antonine Wall, Roman ruins and best of all no midges! Afterwards a few of us had some drinks in the salubrious surroundings of the

wed night blanefield run

There was a great turnout of Westies on a wet night at Blanefield for the supposed moonlight run. There was no moon and there was almost as much swimmimg as running as we found the west highland way a bit drookit. It was a mild night though and although we all finished drenched I think

Stronend Wed Night Run

Approx 14 Westies (and Jason’s dog) made the trek over the campsies to Culcreuch Castle near Fintry for this nice blast up and down to Stronend. This was about 12 more than last time I was there with Chris, so was a great improvement.I felt like the Pied Piper as we set off as no

Wed Donut Hill Run

On a lovely late summer evening there was a great turnout of @18 Westies for this run from Overton House just outside Dumbarton. After great debate about whether to do the crags first or last we decided on the latter as the last time we did them first, when I led the team up the

Corrie of Balglass Run

A great turnout for this combined run and social event from Val Houston’s house near Fintry. Up round the Corrie of Balglass and then back down for lots of great food and chat. Big thanks to Val and everyone else who contributed to a great evening – candidate for an annual event?! Photos