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Edinburgh Elite Spartan Race

My first of many Spartan Races was awesome. Driving in and seeing Spartan Race humvees parked around the place, flags leading down from a hill to flaming hay bales, a 12 foot high apex with ropes, an ice bath covered over with barbed wire, I thought, this is going to be amazing! I lined up

Falkirk Parkrun 45

Results To Oscar’s disgust I decided to go it alone at this parkrun. After warming up I had a look around and the lack of recognisable fast runners encouraged me. The race kicked off and I took the lead. When we turned off the road at the end of the lake I could feel a

May 3k On the Green

Another end of month, another 3k On the Green. Going by the funky smells at Kelvingrove Park earlier in the week, it’s maybe a more appropriate venue for being on the green. 33 runners set off from Maclennan Arch into the blistering midday sun. I was in 2 minds whether to run or not as

Atkins 3k On the Green

This was the last in the winter 3 race Atkins series and having got a 3rd and a 2nd already I was really hoping for a first place to let me win the series. Looking around at the start it looked like the main competition would come from Derek Govan but I ended up not

Falkirk Parkrun Number 18

Results | Fastest 500 This was my second Falkirk Parkrun and looking at the weather on Friday night I thought it was going to be a washout. However the weather was clear and crisp and made for a great race. While over at the pre race briefing I had a scan round the runners that

Falkirk Parkrun #19

Results Having spent from 9pm yesterday to just after 8am this morning on a conference call I was in 2 minds whether to do this Parkrun or not, no sleep tends to not make for a very good run. However I had bought a harness for Oscar (7.5 stone Doberman, famous amongst cross countrying Westies)

Gargunnock Hill Race 2011

Results I thought for a while I was going to be the only Westie running but Hamilton made a late appearance just before the start. No extra points, but some Westies company at least. It was a small field compared to the last 2 years with only 36 finishers. The race took off round the