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West Districts XC 2018

Chris McKiddie: Is this the right turnoff? no, it’s the next Kilmarnock turnoff. No, the one after that. The third one. Yep. Is that where we’re going? Yes but we can’t go that way. The other way. no, that way. In that field. the muddy one? Industrial estate. This must be the place. Just park

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Preston Harriers 10M Road Race

Unlike the hills, for a road race I reckon you want an unremarkable course – flat, minimal changes in direction, laps maybe and just enough scenery to avoid tedium. ‘Unremarkable’ because ‘boring’ is the wrong word. With nothing else to distract, you can focus on the important task of running as fast as you can

Jimmy Irvine 10k 2018

[With apologies to WH Murray.]   Standing atop the hill in Bellahouston Park, the wind swirling the leaves around our legs, the rain falling in quantities sufficient to sink even the most buoyant of spirits, it seemed that the universe had abandoned its usual indifference and instead had become one with my dark mood. The


Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay 2018

A strong Westies contingent (and me) made their way to the Lake District for the annual Hodgsons Brothers Mountain Relays last Sunday. This is a four-leg race on the hills around Patterdale; a stunning course and, thanks to a strictly limited number of competitors, one that always offers some seriously competitive racing. Everyone was out

Ben Resipol 2018

I left my flat on my own at 7.30 to make my way up to Ben Resipol, collecting runners along the way; Alistair & Dan in Partick, Sam at Crianlarich and Highland Hill Runner Ally Beavan in the lay-by by the Corran Ferry to make a full car by the time we reached the Ardnamurchan

Cort ma Law 2018

It might not be the roughest counter in the Bog n Burn series (that’s got to be Ben Sheann), but Cort-Ma-Law is quite possibly the toughest. Definitely the longest and the course, even following the Indian-summer month we’ve been having, manages to pack in a lot of bog, tussock and steepness. It was a beautiful

Kilpatricks Kaper 2018

Everything must change so that everything can stay the same, like the feller said. (Or didn’t say? Discuss.)   New forestry plantations, utilities development and parking restrictions forced more than a few changes on this year’s Kilpatricks hill race; enough to warrant a new registration area, a new course and a new name. In addition,

Our God Is Speed: The Whangie Whizz

Going fast in hill races rarely feels that quick, because uphill rarely is. You can be making a good time doing a lung-bursting race walk up Beinn an Oir, but the experience is never one of speed. Not so The Whangie, I love this race because the gentle gradients throughout allow for the feeling of