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Craigengower Hill Race

  Arriving at Baddinsgill last week was braw, coming across such a beautiful place, but coming into Straiton yesterday really was a pleasure, what a fantastic wee setting.  Once again slightly ashamed at another part of our country I had never ventured to.    Anyway, forty runners in the field where the Gala day was

Devil o the Highlands

Well another attempt at the Devil, the usual buzz around Brodies, everyone eager to start. The only difference this year was my wife was standing beside me in a pair of running shoes, her first Ultra. Lorna and her pal Chris had put me to shame with their training, very focused.   It was a

Half Ben Nevis Race

A fairly small field, mainly Lochaber runners. A beautiful afternoon, blue sky and a gentle breeze.  Once around the field and out and along the road to Achintee,  everyone quickly finding their pace.  It was good to be running, the legs were feeling strong, they just needed a good stretch.  Soon past the pub and


West Highland Way Race 2014

Well here I was again, the sixth time standing at the start of the WHW race, two Goblets were gathering dust at home, would there be a third?  I was feeling calm; the last panic attack had been a few weeks previous, just the thought of the miles, the pain, and the tiredness. One o’clock and one


Devil O’ the Highlands 2013

I had told my wife the week before that this was my last ultra, I couldn’t be bothered with the training and the pain! So that was that, no more, she just looked at me with that knowing look and smiled. So Saturday morning, the wee hours, in the kitchen, forcing porridge down the throat,