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Torridon Round

I’ve become increasingly frantic about Torridon for a while now. I must have seen it on TV when I was young as I seem to recall a false memory of one of the paths that circumnavigates the Am Fasarinen pinacles. Hailing from Southampton it’s safe to say it wasn’t from an expedition of the local

Crevasse Bars

Crevasse Bars After the Westies weekend in the Lakes a couple of people asked me about the Crevasse Bars I made. They are my attempt to save a couple of quid and improve upon commercially available bars. How they compare to energy bars, gels and the like at delivering carbohydrate intake per hour remains untested

Pre-Race Ritual

Over my first summer season of hill racing I have developed a finely tuned system that I utilise before the gun (or horn, whistle or person shouting “GO!”). I’m generously willing to share it with you, my fellow Westie.  Kipchoge has his pacers, special course and custom shoes. Well, you now have this sequenced checklist. The

Salomon Ring of Steall Skyrace™ 2019

The page took a moment to load on my now slightly ageing iPhone, the blue bar skipped along and finally the browser refreshed. To my dismay the East-Southeast wind of 45 miles per hour with gusts of 55 and upwards remained in place. In rare agreement, the BBC, Met Office and the Mountain Weather Information

Alternative An Teallach 2019 Race Report

As a fledgling hill runner and egocentric dyslexic professional juggler I’m uniquely qualified to write a race report for the An Teallach Hill Race.   I’ve utilised John Cage’s chance operations compositional technique to produce a non-linear narrative in an effort to break the predictable nature of the race (and to cement my public profile