The Whangie, the whangie, what a race it was
Perfectly organised, flagged without flaws
Nial and his team , coped with the Throng
It went like clockwork, nowt went wrong

Except, a tumble, 8 minutes into my race
Meant I never recovered that early fast pace
Chasing in vain, J.W Ian T and Miss P
My pursuit was in vain, as the results you’ll see

After the trig point, a few I did pass
A glance showed Burncrooks , shimmering like glass
Yet only to struggle on the steep little ascent
Then recovered , Yabby dabby, I wasnt quite spent

Bog and burn squelch, on that hillside angle
Passing two more, who got into a fanckle
Those slippery rocks, please mudclaws grip
Thankfully through ,without a blip

I reflect, what a fab evening, when its done
I’d held on to V60 1st place , so hard won
And the beer, and the medal, so unexpected Ah, Westies to WDAA, are now connected

So well done Niall, and all who flagged the ridge
And God above, who kept ,at bay, the midge
192 who took part, the records will show
And by 9pm when over, you’d never know


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