West Highland Way in a Day (and a half)

Do you want to run the whole West Highland Way? Errr, yeah, why not.  Ive run 35 miles before. Once. So Im sure it will be fine. A few weeks later I find myself in Milngavie at midnight outside a lively night club. The inebriated locals…

Simon Triger Memorial Handicap

There was a great turnout tonight to remember or great friend Simon. Andrew hoodwinked the handicapper with his tales of woe and was a clear winner. Gregor was fastest runner, just outside his course record. 1  Andrew McBride    …

Scottish Islands Peaks Race 2017

Ten moments in no particular order what so ever.   1) Taking about 15 minutes to run the first km on Arran after no sleep the night before and 20 or so hours being unable to eat or drink due to seasickness.   2) Getting a voicemail…

Brack Attack

Stanley was always going to be up against it, putting on a hill race after a Scottish championship counter counter on a dreich wet claggy Sunday. However, to only get 14 entries was a real shame. However, it did allow some of us mere mortals…

Ben Lomond Hill Race Photos

Ben Lomond Hill Race photos

Whangie Photos

Photos courtsey of Barbara Macleod  

Beinn Dubh hill race photos

Photos from Barbara Macleod https://www.facebook.com/pg/westerlands/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1452093274853126

Highland Fling 2017

The day started like most others... Aron set about eating or something while lefty and I admired each other. After weeks of cycling we were both looking strong but lean... ready for a run.  Aron took us up to some train station... can't…