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  • GUHH 5-Mile Road Race
    ...A grand total of 7 Westies turned up for the Glasgow University Hares and Hounds 5-Mile Road Race on Saturday. All interest was focussed on the semi-elite end of the field with...
  • Tom Scott 10M Road Race
    ...What a morning for a race. The weather was gorgeous and that didn't make it easy on the runners flying round the loch at Strathclyde Park last Sunday morning. I did this race a...
  • 3k on the Green, July 2012
    ...27th July 2012ResultsPossibly a record turnout of 48 for this month's blast along the side of the Clyde, augmented by the demented - yes, my namesake Grim "Definitely No R...
  • Dreich Night in Irvine
    ...Irvine Marymass 10k, 19th August 2009For those of you who didn't slit your wrists on reading the title, here's a summary of Westies activity on a grey night in a grey town.Apar...
  • Dublin Marathon 2012
    ...Results Video of the Course Apologies for the delay, I’ve been meaning to sit down and write this up for ages. The only upside of this for you is that I’m struggl...
  • Devils Burdens 2012
    ...21st January 2012Results | Fastest Leg Times | PhotosTo the astonishment of many, not least themselves, Westerlands fielded 5 complete teams for the Burdens this year with no l...
  • Glasgow University Road Race
    ...Tinto triumphed in the tussle of the titans last Saturday (as it seems the Hares & Hounds have no intention of moving their road race to a Sunday), and also appear to have ...