Club Races

Westerlands organise 6 open hill races: Ben Lomond, Kilpatricks, Cort-ma Law, Arrochar Alps, Two Breweries, and Run of the Mill. Full information for all these races can be found at Scottish Hill Racing.

For any of these races (even the Kilpatricks), the organiser may require you to carry full body cover, map, compass, and whistle. Please be prepared for this when you arrive, even if the race category doesn't strictly demand it (e.g. BM, BS). It's at the organiser's discretion. The Arrochar Alps always requires full waterproof body cover, not just windproof.

Ben Lomond - More details on SHR

Ben Lomond

Venue: Rowardennan, Loch Lomond
Distance: 12 km
Climb: 980 metres

Ben Lomond is one of the oldest races in the calendar. It used to be run by Dumbarton AAC but all the effort involved in preparing and running this sort of race became a bit much for the organisers and they started to ask for assistance from other clubs including Westerlands CCC. However, even with the assistance of others, the race folded and was not held in May of 1995.

Westerlands decided to pick up the pieces and reintroduce the race on a trial basis in September of that year, on a much more low key basis than previously. This was reasonably successful, so it has continued in that vein, but back to the original May date.

Whangie Hill Race - More details on SHR

Venue: Edenmill Farm Shop
Distance: 6.6 km
Climb: 240 metres

The origins of this race stem from the sadly departed Grudge Matches held between Westerlands and Hunters Bog Trotters.

Its never too steep or boggy or rough enough to justify walking although if you want you can stop and appreciate the fine views over towards Loch Lomond. At 4 miles and 800 feet its a very popular wee mid-week race.


Kilpatricks Hill Race - More details on SHR

Venue: Old Kilpatrick
Distance: 10 km
Climb: 450 metres

A long-standing race which became a Westerlands production in 2007. The race has a surprise item to aid fence crossing. This varies each year from coffee table, old chair, to straw bale. Prize giving theme in 2009 was bathtime - towels and bubbles!! (as well as the usual alcohol, for those of you who find Radox undrinkable).


Cort-ma Law - More details on SHR

Cort-ma Law

Venue: Crow Road, Lennoxtown
Distance: 10 km
Climb: 560 metres

The Cort-ma Law race was first run in 1985. It is commonly held in June and proves rather popular with an average showing of about 50 runners. Please remember that this race is a category AM race, so windproof body cover, map, compass and whistle are mandatory equipment. The race is open to those who are aged 16 or over at the start of the year.

At 6 miles and 1700 feet it is a good tough workout. The course follows a fairly clear path although the bogs remain a deep and wet proposition.

The most memorable event related to this race has nothing to do with Mark Rigby running towards the wrong hill, or Isabel Coombs being carried off the hill by some rather excited ambulance men, but the now infamous Map and Compass War Dance performed by the original race organiser Big Al Campbell one year. The dance turned into an annual event that attracted large numbers in its own right. Sadly Big Al no longer organises the race so the spectacle of will remain only in the memory of those who witnessed it. Shame!


Arrochar Alps

Venue: Arrochar, Argyll
Distance: 22 km
Climb: 2400 metres

This is a tough mountain race and should not be undertaken lightly.

The race was created in 1987 and was run annually until 1992, before being abandoned due to repeated bad weather. 15 years later, Jason Kaushal and Westerlands resurrected this race for 2007, and the race has now been run several times in the modern era, usually in awful weather!


Two Breweries - More details on Two Brewies Website

Two Breweries

Venue: Traquair to Broughton
Distance: 30 km
Climb: 1480 metres

The race starts outside Traquair House and finishes at the Broughton Ales Brewery.

Based upon an original idea by Andy Curtis, the race can be divided into 2 halves. The first follows climbs and descents over heathery Scottish border hills. The second half has less climbing and more running on farm tracks. The final section over Trahenna Hill is particularly arduous.


Run of the Mill - More details on SHR

Venue: Alva
Distance: 14.5 km
Climb: 850m

A new race created in 2010, to raise funds for the Scottish Hill Racing website.

A very runnable route, starting in Alva and following a track through Woodland Park to Tillicoultry, where there is a sharp climb to follow the path towards Kings Seat. The gradient eases and runners head across to Andrew Gannel Hill, then on to the high point of Ben Cleuch. A sharp drop leads to the jog up to Ben Ever, then it's a fast and furious descent back to Alva.



Defunct - Ben Lomond Junior Race

Ben Lomond Junior Races + Fun run S.A.L. Junior Championships - Full race details on PDF