Westies 40th Anniversary Race

A great day out at the Westies 40th Anniversary Race. Below are the provisional results. 



Full Course        
Position First Name Surname Bib Cat Time
1 Gregor Stewart 146 M20 01:19:06
2 Thomas Callan 147 M20 01:19:13
3 Hamlin Robert 127 M20 01:25:36
4 Bellamy Gwyn 121 M20 01:26:34
5 Niall McAlinden 134 M20 01:26:35
6 Luke Arnott 140 M40 01:31:32
7 Flora Wharton 145 F20 01:35:17
8 Cunningham Roddy 124 M20 01:35:45
9 Marc Roper 167 M50 01:35:58
10 Macinnes Alasdair 128 M20 01:36:57
11 Andrew Mcbride 136 M40 01:38:19
12 Dan Watson 142 M40 01:40:11
13 Peter Melville 158 M20 01:41:54
14 Rudi Brabbs 165 M20 01:43:48
15 Ian Thurlbeck 156 M50 01:44:05
16 Ian Ferguson 152 M40 01:55:46
17 Susie Ranford 144 F20 01:56:02
18 Sarah Cordeaux 135 F20 01:56:04
19 Angus Bowman 149 M60 01:56:08
20 Furse Chris 126 M40 01:56:10
21 Butler Christopher 122 M20 01:56:12
22 Stuart Hawthorne 151 M40 01:56:29
23 Heather Simpson 160 F20 01:56:32
24 Alistair Boyer 155 M20 01:56:55
25 Paul Strachan 166 M60 02:00:14
26 Margo James 159 F50 02:00:16
27 Trevor Shaw 141 M50 02:03:08
28 Simon Mackay 129 M20 02:12:24
29 Isobel Graham 153 F50 02:13:05
30 Jenn Ruddick 161 F20 02:15:29
31 Rod Flemming 138 M20 02:15:58
32 Jean Bowman 150 F50 02:16:06
33 Fullwood Andrew 125 M50 02:16:45
34 Midgley Peter 130 M60 02:16:48
35 Charlotte Heath 139 F20 02:19:32
36 George Douglas 157 M50 02:26:31



 Short Course        
Position First Name Surname Bib Cat Time
1 Outi Kamarainen 154 F20 00:58:37
2 Michael Chadband 162 M20 01:00:59
3 Matt Ogston 131 M50 01:02:59
4 John Donnelly 143 M50 01:03:13
5 Yuri Goruppa 163 M20 01:03:46
6 Lucy Topalian 168 F20 01:08:52
7 Stanley Topalian 169 M20 01:08:54
8 Elizabeth Adams 133 F20 01:10:51


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Posted by Jamie Provan on Sat 21 Oct 2017 | comments are open

Category Hill Race

Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay 2017

Well done to the 16 Westies who took part in last Sunday’s Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay, the 30th running of Britain’s oldest fell and hill running relay. After a weekend of careful recce-ing - which included the important insight that the Patterdale Hotel bar was indeed inferior to the White Lion Inn - and strenuous pre-race hydrating, high winds and pishing rain led to a truncated out-and-back route being run for a first time in the race’s history. Gwyn and new signing Tom got the men’s team off to a flying start, finishing leg 1 in 6th place, with Sam and Rob Simpson taking over for a storming leg 2, that despite Rob picking up a nasty cut on his arm, took the team up into 5th position. Old-timers Gorman and Bonnyman took over for leg 3 (which reversed the leg 2 route) and somehow managed to lose only 1 place despite Bonnyman’s crap descending and the fact that Gorman’s shattered frame is only held together by strategically placed zinc-oxide tape. Gregor and Steve put in a valiant effort on the anchor leg to bring the team home in an excellent 8th place, less than a minute behind Ambleside and Wharfdale, giving Westies their 5th straight top-ten finish at the event (and 5th straight humping of Carnethy, but we won’t dwell on that). Keswick took first from Dark Peak and Calder Valley, with Helm Hill Runners 4th and 28-time champions Borrowdale back in 5th. 


Westies mixed team - appearing thanks to a fortunate administrative error - started with an impromptu 2 mile warm up from Maya, who arrived back at the Youth Hostel 5 minutes before the start to collect the team’s misplaced dibber. Undeterred, she made it back to the start just in time to put in a strong performance on leg 1 with Heather, handing over to team captain Niall and Rob Hamlin. Caudale Moor must have been particularly slippy this year, as Niall also managed to take a face plant, although claims he was taken out by a ‘rugby tackle from behind’ are yet to be verified. Despite the fall and the fact that his partner Rob was laden down with a 1.5kg pair of hi-viz railway-issue over-trousers, the pair picked up the most scalps of the day, moving the team up 14 places to 45th place. Dave Riach and Roddy had a cracking run on leg 3, even though Roddy’s alternative route masterplan - hatched in the pub the night before - had been foiled by the underhand last minute insertion of an inconvenient checkpoint. It was great to see Cat and Ellie out for the club again and taking the glory leg for the mixed team. Ellie’s completely futile 2 hour recce of the original leg 3 the day before did nothing to dampen her spirits, as the two brought the team home to Patterdale in 7th place in the mixed competition and 42nd overall.          



Well done also to the supporting posse of Leyre (chivalrously given the floor in the Youth Hostel dorm), Chris and family, and Meg the dog, who kindly looked after Sam for the weekend. Roll on the Burdens!

7/8ths of the men's team.

Posted by Brian Bonnyman on Thu 5 Oct 2017 | comments are open

Category relay

Testing the new Inov-8 ContourClaw

Ian and I headed to Arrochar on Saturday morning to make the most of the allegedly decent weather and Ian chose this run to test out the new pair of ContourClaws he'd been sent as part of his sponsorship deal*. The ContourClaw is designed to "handle extended sections of sustained and extreme countouring" and features a detachable sole which permits the shoe to swivel 90 degrees and shift the grippy bit to the side of the foot, thereby providing superb traction and relieving stress on the runner's ankle. Genius or a "claw" too far? We were about to find out...

We waited until we'd been out for a few hours and sufficiently wet and cold before trying this out on an exploratory descent off Narnain. 'Twas but the work of a moment to remove the sole and switch it to "contouring mode" using a clever lace binding technique. After this the sole seemed to take on a life of its own, switching between "underfoot" and "side" grip in response to the terrain. Clearly thrilled with this new arrangement, Ian kept the shoe in this mode all the way back to the car park.

Verdict: A triumph, and I for one will be ordering a pair. Five stars Inov-8!

* Technically this is an "inverse" sponsorship arrangement whereby Ian pays Inov-8 to wear their gear.

Ian demonstrating the detachable soleSwitching to contouring modeIn full contouring mode and ready for that near-vertical traverseThanks Inov-8!

Posted by Marc Roper on Tue 3 Oct 2017 | 3 comments

Category New Gear


The race calendar is perennial,

So the Big Ben and Braemar were the pair,

The hills glowed a right royal purple,

The handsome Don Reid was there!

The massed bands came in a piping

The excited crowds, they were rare.

My ankle was quite bloody painful,

But I was racing, so I didn’t care!

And traditions they are persistent,

Which why I saw Queeny stare

And the ever Boggy, bold Dick Wall, give the V sign to the timekeepers!




Posted by Christine Menhennet on Wed 6 Sep 2017 | 2 comments

Category Hill Run

Strathpeffer International 4 x about 100 m relay race

While most people we’re screaming at the TV watching GB take gold in London while heartbroken at Bolt having to pull up injured in his last ever race a MUCH more import race was taking place in Strathpeffer. A hill runners select team featuring Ross Gollan, James Espie, Myself and some French guy who seemed keen were taking on a crew of mercenary sprinters in a classic good versus evil battle. After about 30 s of baton changing practice we figured we were as good as we were ever going to be and got lined up at the start. The crowd held their breath in anticipation of the starter’s clappy thing, while a few drunken Shettleston runners shouted helpful advice to the hill runners select team. I was given the honour of the first leg, when the clappy thing went I sprinted as fast as I could but it was clear that the sprinter was faster than me. I gritted my teeth, and managed to hand the baton over to some French guy only a few seconds down on the lead. Some French guy ran a perfect second leg but and kept us in the race. A perfect baton change to James Espie helped us claw back some of the deficit, and James gave it his all to ensure the gap to first stayed below the 10 s mark. Ross took the baton and charged after the sprinters team unfortunately the gap was too big and we finish a strong second. Handshakes all round as we were very proud of our performance, and I’m not afraid to say tears were welling up in my eyes as we were handed our £2 prize money.


There was also a hill race… westies did well. Stand out performances from Val (1st V50, 4th overall), Gordon (2nd V60) and Jenn (Stormed pass Brian Brennan on the road to the finish)

Posted by Aron's Massive Right Calf on Mon 14 Aug 2017 | 1 comment

Category Relays

Caerketton Hill Race

Photos curstey of Barbara Caerketton Hill Race 2017

Posted by Barbara MacLeod on Thu 10 Aug 2017 | comments are open

Category Hill Race

In The Shadow of the Sun at Tebay

“As I stepped off the bus, I was struck by such heat that I could barely catch my breath. I felt that the flaming air all around would soon choke me…I knew I wouldn’t get far, but kept going, with great difficulty, lifting one leg, then the other, as if I were pulling them out of a bottomless, sucking quagmire…My ears were buzzing; the heat seemed to be growing more intense, more abominable.” – Ryszard Kapuscinski

The third British Championship counter and the third one they insisted on scheduling for a sunny day. Ten Westies, two Shetts and one dog packed in to a mini-bus for a trot round the Yorkshire dales with the great and the good of the UK fell-running scene. Sam had chosen country over club to compete in the UK Home International on Sunday (though he proved his worth with his consummate bus-driving, dog-watching, child-minding skills) but otherwise the rest of us were raring to go.

The start was manic with 400-odd runners haring across Tebay recreation ground field and then being funnelled through a narrow gate, along a road and up a small lane. When we got out on to the field the mass the mass of runners split in to three streams each taking different routes across the moorland depending on which elite competitor made the best route choice; from the sky it must’ve looked like multi-coloured Dad’s Army arrow armies moving slowly across the landscape. I had the surreal experience of being in a group crossing paths with another group going at right-angles, dodging runners the whole way.

Once you got past the open-moorland it was a case of following fairly well-defined paths along the undulating ridge-lines of the dales. I felt like a bag of tatties from the get go and the heat didn’t help; it was definitely a plod-day.  The final steep climb up Blease Fell was a nasty sting in the tail and then a couple of miles of gentle descent in to the village that seemed to go on forever before staggering across the finish line.

Some water, a beer and burger later it didn’t seem so bad, except the lingering exhausted nausea of being out in the sun for too long.


A quality day out and well-worth the journey to tick the British champs. Well done to all the Westies for taking part and many thanks to Sam & Alistair for organising/driving. 

Posted by James Callender on Sun 18 Jun 2017 | comments are open

Category Championship Race

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