Down down, Camperdown down

The forecast for last Saturday said it would be dry; it was sleet on the day. BAH. The Vets' races were to be run in Camperdown Park, a happy hunting ground in the past; but changing and registration were a mile away. HUM. Parking was on offer in the park near the race start; so why could I only find a soggy boggy space? BUG. Here begins a dreich race report: Bah Humbug!

First to line up were the men's V65+, together with the women's V40+, over a classic cross-country course. It may have been half the distance of the Senior men's XC course at Falkirk, being over only 2 laps, but boy it felt just as long. Almost from the "off" (no scary start gun for Vets!) we had a steady climb over boggy grassland, followed by a headlong charge downhill to a woodland trail. From that point, less than half a mile into the race, it felt like the course was somehow all uphill. I was way out of my comfort zone - why did I leave my gloves? freezing fingers! - but that's how you feel if you try to stay with the evergreen Gibby Fleming. On a less dreich day, this would have been a cracker of a course...

We come round to the end of lap 1, and...Ouch! the right quadricep muscle gave its verdict. That's what non-runners might call thigh cramp; it gave following runners and spectators the Grim sight of me hopping along, trying to massage the muscle back into shape. The temptation to drop out did cross my mind, but Westies are made of sterner stuff, so onward I hobbled, losing places - including to Helen MacP, who smiled pityingly. I managed to finish the race, and a kind French lass helped out with a jar of Badger Balm, or some such strange goo, to loosen the legs. Right enough, you never seem to see cramping badgers around much these days...

The "junior male Vets" (V40 - V60) was well worth watching, as the 2 leading runners made light of conditions to win by a minute from the following pack. Interesting to see whether a "hills & country" runner (Jethro Lennox) would beat a "roads & country" runner? (Robert Gilroy). Westies may be pleased to learn that indeed the hill-runner prevailed, by just 3 seconds. 3 Westy men and one second-claim Westy followed: see results below.

Post-race, I can report hot showers, and a grand spread of filled rolls, cakes, and tea laid on at the changing facilities by the hosts (Dundee Hawks?). Also, Ronnie Morrison (esteemed time-keeper and "blazer") tels me the race venue will be Camperdown Park again in 2018. I'll be there as a V70!

Selected times and placings

V65+ Men (6km)  :  17. Gibson Fleming  32m 22s;   26. GrimGraeme Orr  35m 04s

V40+ Women (6km):   20. Val Houston  27m 45s;   54.  Lorna Mahoney    30m 33s;  94.  Helen MacPherson  34m 04s

V40+ Men  (8km):  1. Jethro Lennox (Sh*tts) 27m44;  41. Brian Bonnyman 30m17;  49. Chris Upson (RH Cam) 30m37; 165. Dave Calder 34m21;

                               230. Don Reid  37m06



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Devils Burdens Newbie

The Devil's Burdens, 2017 It was going to be my first relay race. I hadn't raced anything that short on hills since I was a teenager; I prefer longer, slower runs, so the speed required had me a bit worried. Waking up way before normal, I made it out of the house in good time to be picked up by Lorna, Christine, and Gordon. They were great company, as all Westies are. Despite the thick fog, we all arrived in good spirits and began searching for our corresponding team members to hash out the logistics of getting race numbers out to everyone. The hall was crammed full of racers. With about 150 teams, it was a bit insane. Before we got the informational talk from the race coordinator, I scared the crap out of Charlotte by asking her if she had a map, compass, etc. She had no clue that there might be kit requirements, and even though we were both only doing leg one, I thought we needed everything. Luckily, Niall assured her that she didn't need anything. Only those doing the orienteering legs would have kit checks. A few of us headed off to the start of leg one, and already we (or just I) didn't know where we were going. We followed other runners on the 10 minute jog. I had been worried about my right knee which had been giving me trouble on and off since the Wednesday night club run. Instead, my left leg's lower, inner calf was tight, which had never happened before, and I was just warming up. I made sure to do some good stretches before we were all called over to line up for the start. I was right behind Charlotte, and when the whistle was blown, I shot off with the crowd. After maybe a quarter mile, I was thinking that the pace was a bit too fast. I checked my watch, and, indeed, we were doing a 6:50 mile. No way was I going to keep that up for long, especially since we were now starting to go uphill, so I allowed myself to slow down. The mud was pretty well packed down, and the forest trails reminded me of many runs back in Colorado. Quickly all but one woman were ahead of me, but I kept another runner in view for the rest of the race. She would walk on the steeper uphills, so we did a back and forth bit for a while. I'm glad I kept her in view, otherwise I might well have missed the checkpoint, even though it was quite clear. It was seemingly all downhill from there, so I just kept trying to run as fast as I could. By the time I made it to the paved cycle path, runners were coming back towards me. They were going fast enough that I was briefly unsure whether they were just running back to the hall or if we had to turn around somewhere and maybe go back to the checkpoint as our finish. I didn't think that was right (but I really had only taken a cursory look at the map 2 weeks earlier), and my watch said I was just at 4 miles (of a supposed 4.5), so I slowed down for just a bit. Luckily, Niall was heading back and yelled at me to sprint the finish. So, I booked it on the final descent and was done in no time. I had wanted to finish in under 40, and I did it in just over 38. If I had realized the finish was so close, I could have maybe knocked 30 seconds or so off. Note to self: look at the actual map closer to race day. Surprisingly, the knee and my weird calf/ankle pain were no problem during the race. I wish I had seen a bit of the sun, but in retrospect it's a good thing I couldn't take in the views. That would have slowed me down. After the run back, I enjoyed some hot soup and tea. Then a bunch of us went to cheer on the finishers. There was a guy cheering on the Carnethy runners who could have held his own against my father-in-law in his Drill Sergeant days. It was interesting watching the different approaches taken to the final set of stairs. Some did them one at a time, some skipped a few, others took the bank to the right or went back and forth between steps and grass. No matter the method, every single runner seemed to be going full steam ahead. There were several close calls, but I saw no wipeouts. And then it was back to the hall to chat and wait for the results. The Westies didn't win any categories, but I think everyone can be proud of their racing that day. There was so much support, and I could feel the enthusiasm and love of the sport from everyone. I foresee many more races with the Westies in my future.  

Written by Laura Furia


Posted by Leanne Cooke on Tue 31 Jan 2017 | comments are open

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Fost And Frog – Westies Sexagenarians Bid For Glory!

Firstly let me say, it was a great pity that the Ladies’ B team for the Devil’s Burdens melted like snow off a solar panel – a great shame for those that really wanted to run – Brenda and Sharon, and for she who actually did – on her own – Claire! 

read the rest of "Fost And Frog – Westies Sexagenarians Bid For Glory!"...

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Feel the Burns 2017

An email from John Hamer prompted my entry to this hill race. There's not many races going on in January and good excuse to blow away some Christmas excess. January approached and I thought it may be worth checking where Selkirk is, probably Loch Lomand/Trossachs kind of area… think it may be worth car sharing for this one. After many offers and counter offers two car loads of Westies headed to the Borders with a sprinkling of others making their own way. 

The race was using the facilities of Selkirk rugby club so by hill running standards this was like staying at the Ritz as there was a changing rooms (with showers) and a large warm hall for race registration. Like a true pro I was so busy proving my worth to the kit check person that I walked off and left my number on the table, he would have been well within his rights to deny me entry on this basis alone. 

Off to the race start and there was time for a bit of attempted Westies photo bombing of the Carnethy team photo before we were off (a quick look at the photo on the Carnethy website shows we failed miserably!). I thought I'd try out a new positioning technique at the start of this race, if someone looks old enough to be my grandparent then I'll stand in front of them, sibling behind them but roughly at an age where they could be my parent then i'll stand next to them. In many cases this could backfire (Gordan McCaffery) but it seemed as good as any technique I've used in the past.    

Anyway, the race started with a dash through a muddy field with plenty of early race slippages and onto a track to get you warmed up before hitting the first hill. Having looked at the map before the race it seemed like none of the hills were particular monsters but as this race was a bit longer than previous hill races I'd done in the past I didn’t want to knacker myself out too early. Because of this and the narrow track I settled to the age old hill running approach of running when the person in front does and walking when they do. The cairn came along fairly quickly followed by a good few miles of brilliant running across first grass/heather, onto a track and then onto some open moorland and fields. Most of this was relatively flat and so suited me better than the really hilly technical ascents/descents that can be found in other hill races. The next major hill approached and this was a nice steady climb where if you were in a low enough gear could maintain a steady pace to the claggy cairn. The gradient got a little steeper at the top but unfortunately there were a few marshals standing there which meant the indignity of a walk for the final 10 metres wasn’t an option. What followed seemed like a never ending descent on a path that had turned into a stream with all the melting snow. I At this point I realised that I had neither overtaken anyone nor been overtaken by anyone for about the last 5 miles and had that happy place where you keep the person in front within your sights but the person behind was far away enough to not be annoying. With a bit of extra effort I managed to gain a couple of places on the down hill and then crossed the burn to start the final ascent. This started with a nice track and then proceeded to a pretty steep hillside where the only option was to walk. Having grown up down south where the highest hill to walk up was the upstairs toilet in McDonalds I always struggle on these kind of hills. At bit of cramp in my hamstrings meant I lost 5 or so places here which was pretty disappointing but managed to get a few of these back again on the final downhill run back to the start. 

Overall a great runnable race which actually seemed to have more downhill in it than uphill. Special mention goes to the haggis pie at the end, Helen for winning the F60 category and Maya/Rob for helping an injured runner. 


Westies Results:

15 Gregor Stewart Westerlands CCC M 01:45:58

33 James Callender Westerlands CCC M 01:55:59

51 Marc Roper Westerlands CCC M50 02:01:00

63 Russell Crane Westerlands CCC M 02:05:58

73 Christopher McKiddie Westerlands CCC M 02:09:56

75 Val Houston Westerlands CCC F50 02:10:19

119 David Dickson Westerlands CCC M50 02:23:30

142 Maya Hernes Westerlands CCC F 02:34:23

143 Rob McQuater Westerlands CCC M40 02:35:14

151 Angus Farquhar Westerlands CCC M50 02:38:42

154 John Hamer Westerlands CCC M50 02:39:24

166 Helen Macpherson Westerlands CCC F60 02:46:41

Posted by Russell Crane on Mon 16 Jan 2017 | 5 comments

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Greenmantle 25 Years on - Fancy or not?!

The Greenmnatle Dash – at least 25 years since I had last done this race,  but for 2017  I decided that the pros outweighed the cons;the pros being: a Westie winter league counter,a crisp sunny forecast, Davey’s  offer of a chauffer drive, being hangover free and having the opportunity to dress up (fancy dress was after all, de rigueur for the Dash – well it was 25 years ago!); the cons being: a seasonal chest infection and the inclination to hibernate. The pros won out but my dilemma was, what fancy dress would be appropriate to lend Westie Woman panache to the event?! I whittled down the options to fallen angel wings with slipped halo and a fetching tunic and hat; PBs packed and we were good to go.

After a pleasant drive through a Borders’ landscape of frost furred hedgerows and sparkling fields we arrived at Broughton village hall; the initial scene was familiar – the bumbling bonhomie of race organiser Dick Wall, the kitchen bustle of soup-making ladies and a babbling, fidgeting gathering of runners. But there the warm familiarity ended – I recognised only a handful of faces in amidst babbling gathering, thankfully including a smattering of Westies (Don, JD, Steve H, Craig Freshwater and Chris McKiddie); everyone looked deadly serious- sprinting to and fro, kitting and re-kitting and to my huge surprise, not a wizard cape, set of fairy wings, dinosaur tail or even a Santa hat in sight – not even with ten minutes to go! After some hesitation I sheepishly folded away the elf tunic, retaining only, as part of essential ‘full body cover’ – my elf hat tucked secretly into my bum bag. Two minutes to go and suddenly in a spirit of defiance and nostalgia, I whipped out my elf hat and  plonked it (back to front) on my head before sprinting off down the distillery drive towards our first obstacle!

No ‘tens from Len’ for my efforts with the obstacles – a  clumsy clamber over the stone wall, a lucky lurch over the field fence and quite frankly a pathetic plunge across the burn, but these obstacles overcome I recovered my composure, called upon some elfin magic and got moving in proper hill runner style. Felt I did not bad, especially on the climb and as much as you can, I thoroughly enjoyed this crazy, painful wee race.

Westie players acquitted themselves well – with Steve Halsall finishing in 4th position followed by Craig Freshwater and then either Don or Chris, then JD and then me. Some beers were won – some ‘properly’ and some inadvertently by virtue of the fact that Dick could n’t read his men’s Over Fifties results’ sheet properly, but for JD’s sake, I draw veil – justice prevailed in the end!


Well done to Westies and well done to Dick for his 35 years of organising (kind of!) this lovely event and in particular, for his very successful efforts to encourage junior participation. 


Posted by Christine Menhennet on Tue 3 Jan 2017 | 1 comment

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Christmas Handicap 2016, Carbeth

The Resurrection of Mr Turnbull

Apparently, the terrible news spread around East Kilbride like wildfire back in 2015; Drew Turnbull had popped his clogs and Don was, naturally, shocked and upset. He was even more shocked today to be greeted by the same Drew, looking hale and hearty and no worse that when he had last seen him (albeit sporting some designer stubble, perhaps in memory of  George Michael?). Turns out that reports of his death had been greatly exaggerated and that he had merely fallen off his bike. However, you know what these Kilbridonians are like, absolutely prone to exaggeration (ask JD about the 'elbow incident' when the Nationals were last at Cupar and you'll understand what I mean).

Still, the angels rejoiced and sang Hallelujah at the surprise resurrection. It was very good indeed to have Drew and Margaret back in their rightful position on the startline, standing for no nonsense as far as appeals on the handicapping were concerned.

But where were the under-40s? With the notable exception of Fiona and Ian Hutchie, they were nowhere to be seen. So, with only a dozen actual competitors, the Hutchies sensed the opportunity to stuff the race with their own, bringing in son Ian as the scratch runner. However, this clever ploy failed to net any actual prizes, leaving the Hutchies to sulk off early after the event, mumbling some excuse or other about having to go back to the grandchildren!

The race itself was as normal; 12 athletes in various disguises causing mayhem and consternation around the streets and lanes of Carbeth. Muffy was first home, her first appearance after an absence of some years. Gordon Mac came in second, steaming ahead of Don Reid in 3rd place, the only Superman known to require the assistance of his wife to pull on his underpants; be thankful, Lois Lane! Meanwhile, John Quinn wore a pair of underpants that frankly would have looked humumgous even on Charlie Campbell.

The good news obviously was the non-demise of DT. The not-so-good news was the demise of The Carbeth Inn. So the non-Hutchie contingent headed down instead to the Kirkhouse Inn for the presentation, where refreshments and mince pies were enjoyed by all.

Results (position, name, handicap time, actual time)

1 Muffy 28:56, 27:56

2 Gordon M 29:53, 21:53

3 Don 30:10, 22:10

4 Fiona H 31:27, 31:27

5 Fiona Main 31:34, 30:34

6 Ian H 31:47, 18:47 (fastest time)

7 John H 32:30, 27:30

8 Rod F 32:33, 21:33

9 Dave 32:43, 23:43

10 John Q 32:47, 25:47

11 Helen 32:48, 28:48

12 David Dickson 33:01, 24:01

Big thanks to the reincarnated Drew, Margaret and Elma for officiating!

Xmas Handicap 2016

Posted by Dave Calder on Tue 27 Dec 2016 | 3 comments

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Not The Christmas Pub Run

While some Westies were doing their utmost to prop up the UK's ailing brewing industry (and succeeding, judging by the photographs), others found themselves in Callander for Race #2 in the Trossachs Night Trail Series.

Conditions were perfect: cool and damp, and the route was all combinations of twisty, turny, rocky, leafy, rooty, uppy, downy, a little bit levelly, slippy, very slippy, not quite so slippy, and muddy with a couple of hundred metres of steep tarmac (ugh!) thrown in just for good measure. A terrific race with the added thrill of not really knowing where you were at any particular point. Or where anyone else was. Or why...

The race was won by some chap from Shettleson - I forget who - with some cracking Westies performances rewarded at the prizegiving: Val winning 2nd woman and first F50, Heather 3rd F, Ian 3rd M50, and Brian 2nd M60 (Gordon McCaffrey where were you?)

Many thanks to Angela Mudge for putting on a brilliant event.

1    25.33    Robert Simpson    Shettleston    M
14    31.25    Ian Thurlbeck    Westerlands    M50
15    31.50    Catriona Buchanan    Ochil HR    F
17    32.14    Marc Roper    Westerlands    M50
21    33.08    Val Houston    Westerlands    F50
26    33.56    Christopher McKiddie    Westerlands    M
31    34.47    Don Reid    Westerlands    M50
32    34.51    Heather Simpson    Westerlands    F
43    37.10    Brian Brennan    u/a (that's what it says Brian)    M60
45    37.42    Gordon Bulloch    Westerlands    M40
68    46.01    Carol Martin    Westerlands    F40

Full results, organiser's report, and details of the next race here:

Posted by Marc Roper on Mon 19 Dec 2016 | 3 comments

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Christmas Pub Run

We had another good turnout for this year's festive mystery pub run. The Bon Accord provided its usual great starting point for pre-run hydration and dressing-up. We visited The State, Hug and Pint, Inn Deep and Arlington Bar before enjoying a fab curry at The Shenaz. Thanks to all fo making it such a great Westies night. Merry Christmas.

festive AronBon AccordAron againRussell and Sharonfestive Westiesfestive Westiesfestive Westiesfestive Westiesfestive Westiesfestive Westies

Posted by John Donnelly on Thu 15 Dec 2016 | comments are open

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Westies Annual Dinner

What a great evening was had on Saturday. Fiona organised the annual Christmas dinner, as she has done for many years and it ran like clockwork. Westies old and new catching up and the conversation, banter and laughter was non-stop all night. The only break in proceeding was for the club captain and ladies captainess to announce how well Westies had done over the year, awards going to Jamie, Fiona, Helen, James and Claire. Sorry James we drank your beer! Dave Calder also brilliant as usual with his observations on Westies race reports.


I was lucky enough to be awarded Westie of the Year for 2016. Thank you to those who voted for me. It is a real honour to have my name on the cup for a second time. I’m truly humbled.


I will use this opportunity as WoTY to say thank you to all Westies who took part in organising the 2016 British Athletics Fell and Hill Running Relay Championships in Luss especially the Relay Committee Team, Jamie, Christine, Helen, John H, Lizzy and Pat. I believe we did show that Westerlands knows how to put on a race.

Westie of the Year Cup

Posted by Sharon Taylor on Mon 12 Dec 2016 | comments are open

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A Stonking Day in Post-industrial Ayrshire

West District Championships, Mosshill, Ayrshire - 4th December, 2016

The venue looked none-too-promising - several laps of fields around an old industrial estate to the south of Ayr - however it turned out to be a stonking race with undulating hills, sticky glaur and nice views in a cold but pleasant afternoon. In the women's 4-mile race, Val ran a stormer to finish 23rd overall and 3rd V50, closely followed by Lorna, Maya, Christine (3rd V60), Leanne and Claire (winner of the sprint finish of the day award!).  However, despite Gaynor's epic ultra performances in exotic Atlantic islands , she was defeated on this occasion by a stonker of a cold, and dropped out after a lap or so! The brilliant runs by Val, Lorna and Christine earned the ladies a 2nd in the Masters Team event.

By my reckoning, Westies men would have been about 4th in the senior 6-mile event had all our ex-members still been running for us!! Still, Bastien had a stonking run (as opposed to a stonking cold) to lead our boys home. Niall, Ian, Dave, Chris and John Q (dapper and stylish as one expects from a Kilbridian) followed home in that order.

Other clubs may well have stonking gazebos and tents, emblazoned with sponsor's logos, to match the quality of their athletes. Our wee shelter is necessarily more modest in comparison. Shettleston may well have won the team event for running, however, when it comes to  canvas disassembly, Westies left the Shetts, and every other club, standing as JQ deftly crushed our pop-up protection into its bag in 49.23 seconds, a season's best. There's all to play for as we head towards the Nationals in February!




23 Val H 29:55 (3rd V50)

45 Lorna 32:18 (4th V50)

69 Maya 34:41

81 Christine 35:54 (3rd V60)

86 Leanne 36:31

89 Claire 36:52

Team - 6th overall, 2nd Masters.


53 Bastien 40:35

62 Niall 41:04

153 Ian 46:29

180 Dave 48:17

208 Chris McK 51:24

226 John Q 54:18

Team- 15th overall, 20th Masters

Posted by Dave Calder on Mon 5 Dec 2016 | 3 comments

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