Steffen and a few other helpers organised this year's Criffel Race in the absence of Peter & Elspeth. Hopefully a racer's report will follow, but from a summit marshal's (very cold)point of view I can report that it was a cracker of a day. 35 runners, Brian Marshall and Jill Tait winners, tons of crusty snow on top, bleeding shins all round and tea and scones in the pub after. Thanks also to the Moffat Mountain Rescue who almost outnumbered the competitors.

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Posted by John Donnelly on Mon 20 Mar 2006 | 3 comments

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  1. cat said...

    Aye, thanks a lot to Steffen and all who helped make this a fine race. The weather was fantastic, very mild and not a breath of wind. Ideal conditions for a quick blast up and down a hill. And from the bottom the snowy summit looked quite pretty. Oh how wrong can you be! The first mile was a fast track run into the forest, so far so good, but then we hit the mud. This knee deep super suction mud prevented any attempt at speed, although David and Shona seemed to be undeterred as first Westies man and lady at this point. It wasn’t long before the mud was replaced by snow, deep deep snow. It still looked pretty but it was really tiring to run through, especially when you sunk up to your waist in it. It was good to get to the top, see a cold but cheery JD, and head back down. David, Steffen and Shona were well ahead by now, Steffen rushing back to sort out results and Shona quickly catching Jill Tait. Going downhill in the snow was great, just like a big slide and then it was a very muddy crazy slither down to the forest. An exciting run in a muddy, snowy kind of a way! In the end David, in his first race as a veteran, showed no signs of old age and finished as first Westie. Shona was first Westies lady and 2nd lady overall, Steffen was close behind, I was much further behind and finally Drew came in as 3rd V60. Thankfully Steffen had chosen the prizes well and all aches, pains and ice shredded shins will be quickly forgotten in a happy wine induced haze!

    Monday 20th March 2006 11.51pm

  2. Chris said...

    Full Results and some more photos.

    Tuesday 21st March 2006 7.37am

  3. luke holt said...

    Yes many thanks to Steffen and the team for organising the run. It was my first Criffel race and second ever hill race. I live at the bottom of the so had no excuses for not being ready for the mud!! Thanks to the other runners especially the vet 60s at the rear for encouraging me to "Dig in" on the way back down. You would not believe how much it helped. :) "Make every day above ground a good day"

    Luke Holt. Ardwall, New Abbey

    Friday 24th March 2006 1.20pm

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