National Masters Cross-Champs 2018

McCaffrey Triumphs as Young Turks Falter


Dean Park in Kilmarnock is the cross-country course of legend. Mud and glaur, endless undulations and a stormer of a hill make it a trail not for the faint hearted. Holding the race on a gloomy Saturday afternoon just added to the sense of foreboding. Perfect was the collective view of the Westies old crocks.


In the women’s 6k event, Lorna was the lone Westie Wimmin and made it all look too easy as she coasted in with a fine finish, looking fresh as a daisy. Grimorr, though described neither as fresh or daisy-like, added to the feeling of optimism in the V70s event, run at the same time as the women’s race. Looking like an athlete operated by a master puppeteer, Grim nevertheless had one of his finest performances for years, finishing not too far behind Gibbie Fleming’s nemesis Bobby Young. 70 must be the new 30 for Grim as he held off a challenge at the finish from erstwhile Westie Pauline McAdam.


So it was that the ‘young’ Westie men took the field nonchalantly for the start of the 8km event. If Lorna and Grim could make it look so easy, why not them? Pre-race talk had been about whether Thurlbeck or Calder would be first Westie home, but it was Galloping Gordon McCaffrey who sped off from the gun, quickly establishing a lead over the rest of the Westies pack. First Dave Calder tried to catch him, but after a mile or so, his legs buckled in the mud and it was left to Ian Thurlbeck to take up the challenge, pulling Gordon in gradually before succumbing to the last hill. So, Gordon was first in, with Ian 15 seconds behind and a faltering Dave finishing well over a minute later. Meanwhile, Chris Furse had run a sensible and steady race, looking totally unfazed at the finish as he stayed well ahead of Don Reid, perhaps running his last race before turning V60? Don managed to stay ahead of XC Cap’n John Quinn, thereby avoiding a repeat of his Hamilton humiliation earlier in the season. John clearly found the going had; his normally cool and baldy pate was positively glowing as he headed towards the finish. Last Westie in was Andrew Fullwood, who looked like he was enjoying himself FAR too much!


A great event over a real Scottish cross-country course. Thanks to Cap’n Quinn for organising, cajoling and encouraging us all, and to Lorna, Grim and Helen Mac for cheering us all on as we battled around the bog.




6000m, Women and Men >65


Lorna Mahoney 29:59 13/32 WV50

Graeme Orr 35:12 6/7 V70


8000m, Men <65


Gordon McCaffrey 36:15 7/28 V60

Ian Thurlbeck 36:30 17/53 V50

Dave Calder 37:52 13/40 V55

Chris Furse 39:00 43/61 V45

Don Reid 41:22 26/40 V55

John Quinn 42:08 30/40 V55

Andrew Fullwood 45:54 46/53 V50



Westies Men’s Team 50-60 8th Overall

Posted by Dave Calder on Sun 4 Feb 2018 | 4 comments

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  1. John quinn said...

    Great report Dave.
    Proper XC Course

    Sunday 4th February 2018 6.33pm

  2. Helen Mac said...

    Well done Lorna - you got that sub-30!

    And of course well done to all the menfolks too. A superb effort in one of the muddiest races I have seen!

    Sunday 4th February 2018 10.07pm

  3. EverGrim said...

    awww, come on Dave C, I can list at least 4 XC courses with more daunting mud than the Killie killing fields! First & worst, the Masters course at Cupar over ploughed farmland; a close second, the "Kirkie" course for some West District XC race which incorporated a farm midden. This was so bad I actually beat Archie Cameron (who may have vanished up to his 'tache?). Third, the Ayrshire glaur they serve up in Cumnock (1990s event) takes some beating; and finally, what about last year's flooded National XC course at Callendar Park?
    I await our Mr Motivator "Mighty" Quinn's photos of the mudbath!

    Sunday 4th February 2018 10.58pm

  4. Andrew Fullwood said...

    Captain Quinn defender of all things Cross Country requested a poem (sorry Gordon)

    Kilmarnock Cross Country Haiku

    Muddy winter race
    glaupit clart n slimy glaur
    we skid, slip, slide, run

    Tuesday 6th February 2018 11.33am

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