Christmas Handicap 2017

Dirty Tricks Rob JQ of Carbeth Triumph

A small-to-medium (though veering towards the smaller end on this occasion) group of Westies elite athletes ventured forth to Carbeth on 30th December for the usual nonsense. The nonet of members (8 runners plus Drew as official handicapper/timekeepr) faced snow, mud, rain, hailstones and flintstones as they battled the heights of Stockiemuir in the face of Storm Dylan. The answer, my friend, was indeed blowin' in the wind as Muffy headed off, followed in short order by Helen, Charlotte, John Hamer, John Quinn, Chris McKiddie, Dave C and finally Roddy Fleming, taking up the rear in scratch position.

Short odds were on JQ, dressed as Freddy Flintstone to take the title; with his iron-studded club to clobber any opposition, he had it nailed. However, some disgraceful skuldduggery by ex-Cap'n John H resulted in JQ taking the wrong turning, being halfway down to Strathblane before a sympathetic Muffy hailed him back onto the right course. This allowed Roddy to fly through from the back to catch Chris and steal the title, and the first prize box of maltesers.

What of the other members of this finest small-to-medium sized club in the west end of Glasgow? Perhaps they had taken advice from another Dylan song.

"Clouds so swift, Rains won't lift, Gate won't close, Railings froze, Get your mind off wintertime, You ain't going nowhere!"

After the race, the gathered athletes, feeling suitably superior and smug after their endeavours, retired to the Kirkhouse Inn for hot drinks.

Thanks to Drew for once again standing at the start line while the rest of us frolicked about.


Name.          Overall Time.         Actual Time

Roddy.           27:11.                    22:11

Chris McK.     27:25.                    22:55

Dave C.         29:32.                    24:47

John H.         29:52                     26:52

John Q          30:03.                    26:03

Charlotte.      31:01                     28:01

Muffy            31:03                     31:03

Helen.           31:30                    30:30

Posted by Dave Calder on Sun 31 Dec 2017 | 2 comments

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  1. Rod Fleming said...

    Was good fun to get out in the snow and enjoyed the race, sliding down the track, with Chris towards the end :)

    Tuesday 2nd January 2018 1.58pm


    Great report - sorry I could not be there,was inside a cloud up north!

    Tuesday 9th January 2018 3.55pm

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