7 Westies turned up for the Durisdeer Hill Race in difficult conditions with low cloud, rain and wind. Visibility was very poor which resulted in half the field making navigation errors and generally making a hash of things.

A small field of about 40 set off up Black Hill and straight away split into numerous small groups each taking a different contouring line to the final summit path, but everyone re-grouped well before the marshalled checkpoint.  However, almost immediately after this, people were all over the place (see Strava pic) trying to find the way down to the 1st road crossing. Fortunately I could see a local ADAC runner ahead who took an excellent line which got me in front of quite a few good runners - unfortunately they all caught me up over the next few miles.

The race settled down around the back of the course, but after the 2nd road crossing more merriment ensued with people taking off in all directions and climbing the wrong hill, etc. Thick clag made for a few tense moments until the marshalls loomed out of the mist at the final checkpoint. What a relief - just a quick descent separating me from tea & cake back at the finish.

One Westie, who asked not to be named, went wrong coming down this descent and went for a tour of the local farms before arriving at the finish looking very cross (did I get that right, Gordon?).

Why this race isn't more popular is a mystery - the course is superb, organisation excellent, grub fantastic and only an hour and a bit from Glasgow.


Pick a route, any route!

Posted by Ian Thurlbeck on Thu 15 Jun 2017 | 2 comments

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  1. Christopher McKiddie said...

    Thanks for your contribution, Cydia.

    Great report Ian, and despite a rather bewildering race, twice getting lost and ending up three quarters of an hour behind schedule, arriving at the finish unsure if I had completed the race, I'll definitely be back next year for a return match.


    Friday 16th June 2017 1.52pm

  2. Val H said...

    Great report. Gordon, was there not a fallen tree lying 30 foot over a gorge that you could have shuffled crossed to get to the finish more quickly?! ;-)

    Saturday 24th June 2017 8.44pm

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