West Highland Way in a Day (and a half)

Do you want to run the whole West Highland Way? Errr, yeah, why not.  Ive run 35 miles before. Once. So Im sure it will be fine.

A few weeks later I find myself in Milngavie at midnight outside a lively night club. The inebriated locals were a bit confused. So was I…..


After a short briefing by the race organiser, Jim, the 80 starters were away. The head torches of the front runners could be seen already past Conic Hill as I was getting round there for sunrise. All was well, running with two friends and taking in handfuls of jelly babies. Reached Rowardennan on good form.


The wheels started to fall off a bit on route to Tyndrum. That section after Inversnaid! My feet were objecting and I was struggling to keep up with my friends who eventually went ahead at Beinglas. Luckily at this point I met another runner, Richard (top bloke), who was happy to set off together and take a steady pace.


John Hamer had kindly offered to support me, so I was looking forward to meeting him somewhere between Beinglas and Tyndrum. As well as dried pears from Waitrose (highly recommend!), John arrived with foot powder and socks- amazing! I was seriously having doubts that Tyndrum actually existed after a while….must be round the corner, ok the next corner….ages later……definitely one of these corners soon…. New respect to Fling finishers!


Off to Inveroran, this was an enjoyable section. Steady terrain, nice views. At the Inveroran checkpoint was the culinary highlight of beans and sausages. Shared with a million midges but totally worth it.   


On route to Kingshouse Hotel John and I had a no-headtorch competition.  Much to Richards confusion. I eventually caved and the headtorch went on! We arrived into Kingshouse Hotel around 01:00. I was a bit cold and wet at this point and I was leaving John there. Several people that weren’t carrying on were being shown to the bunkhouse. I consoled myself with some soup then pushed off into the night.


Going over the Devils staircase was surprisingly ok. I have heard the views from the top are spectacular. The reflection of the head torch in the fog was good too. Worth walking 28 hours for. Reached Kinlochleven at around 05:00, slept for 20 mins on a roll mat, got a cup of tea and booted out the door at 06:00.


Amazing what 20 minutes of sleep can do, was on great form. The feet were tolerating the situation enough to run most of the last 15 miles. Passed a few people on the way down the forest track. I am sure no one loves that last road section! Finally got into Fort William just before 10:00 to the other runners, supporters, my two friends and John. Richard came round the corner just inside the 35 hour cut off. So proud.  


Definitely some ups and downs but something I’d recommend anyone to have a shot at.


My take home messages:

It is possible to eat too many jelly babies

You can never have too many Waitrose dried pears

Don’t massacre your own toes with tape

Beans and sausages: the food of champions

John Hamer is a legend

If you keep moving, you will get to the end!



Posted by Charlotte Heath on Mon 29 May 2017 | 3 comments

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  1. John said...

    Fantastic achievement Charlotte! You know it's a seriously tough event when hardened veterans of Iron Man and 100 milers are dropping out at each checkpoint. Of the 80 starters, around 50 finished. And I didn't see any one else storming over the finish line like you!

    The route over Rannoch Moor was the highlight for me - running through the inky blackness at midnight, surrounded by fog. Mind you, I had a comfy tent bed to look forward to after that, not "yet another" hilly marathon (and the rest)!

    Tuesday 30th May 2017 7.35am

  2. Cc said...

    Brilliant effort Charlotte!
    The highs and the lows of that race, I've experienced it a few times myself, but there is nothing better than the feeling of those last few miles into Fort Bill, and knowing that you will make it.
    Very well done... ...and now start planning for next year and how to shave some minutes...


    Friday 2nd June 2017 7.42pm

  3. Charlotte said...

    And next year, hahahaha......

    Saturday 3rd June 2017 5.33pm

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