Simon Triger Memorial Handicap

There was a great turnout tonight to remember or great friend Simon. Andrew hoodwinked the handicapper with his tales of woe and was a clear winner. Gregor was fastest runner, just outside his course record.

1  Andrew McBride     51.40

2  Gordon Bulloch      56.35

3  Robert Hamlin       44.50

4  Gregor Stewart     38.53

5  Rob McQuater       55.07

6  Don Reid              49.28

7  Sarah Adam         54.40

8  Kevin                   61.28

9  Lorna Mahoney     52.38

10 Jenn Ruddick       62.10

11 Peter McNab       58.15

12 Ian Thurlbeck     50.30

13 Rod Fleming       58.40

14 Val Houston       52.41

15 John Hamer       65.20

16 David Dickson   58.25

17 Tom Finch         59.50

Brian                    79.55

Posted by John Donnelly on Wed 24 May 2017 | 1 comment

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