Highland Fling 2017

The day started like most others... Aron set about eating or something while lefty and I admired each other. After weeks of cycling we were both looking strong but lean... ready for a run. 

Aron took us up to some train station... can't remember where. But it was ace there were so many ladies checking myself and lefty out. We hit a new record of 16 swoons in 30 minutes... Today was a good day. As the race got going we got yet more admiring glances. Walter from Shettleston was clearly jealous as he ogled us for a little bit longer than appropriate. 

Heading up conic hill we decided to really show what we were made of and pushed Aron to go past a few runners... it was great giving other runners a little show as we passed. However, being this buff is hard work so lefty and I decided that a nap was needed... Aron was not happy about this! Arriving at the finish was a relief as we finally got to take the weight off.


As the day progressed it was great to hear about all the achievements that we inspired. Alex after glimpsing us at the start managed to run sub 10, Niall chasing us for most of the day was just over 10, Maya (who we suspect is in love with us) ran a fantastic 11hr14, Carol (also in love with us) was not far behind in 11hr25, Ali wasted a bit too much energy admiring us at the start and suffered later finished in 11hr47, Elizabeth (again loves us) got in at 12hr06, John (who we'll admit it has good calves, just not as good as us) was 12hr27, Gillian and Helen (who ran together so that they could discuss how magnificent we are) finished in 13hr14 and Claire so inspired by how stunning we are finished 40 minutes faster than last year in a time of 13hr41.

Posted by Aron's Massive Right Calf on Tue 2 May 2017 | 1 comment

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  1. John's Throbbing Left Calf said...

    Great result, Aron's Right Calf! About time we had a race report from someone who really knows what it's like to be out there.

    I also checked out more than a few calves on the day, and I'd have to say the competition was pretty hot this year. Just sorry to say you were too far ahead to take part in that calf-off you've been promising - maybe next year you'll be up for the challenge!

    [16 swoons in 30? I had that in 15, mate!]

    Friday 5th May 2017 6.21am

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