Gwyn takes on London

Gwyn has secretly run the London marathon, posting an amazing time of 2h 33 min 46 sec and finishing 122nd!!

He did one bad thing and didn't run under the Westies banner, he was clubless..... Excluding that one miscalculation, well done Gwyn on a superb run :)

Proof of result

Gwyn's Game Face

Posted by Sam Alexander on Mon 24 Apr 2017 | 3 comments

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  1. Gwyn said...

    I wasn't looking forward to this one, given the little running I've done lately (and nothing marathon specific). A bit of a cold the past couple of days didn't help either. Anyway, now that I have my excuses in, to the race...

    Our train getting to the start was delayed, so I got there at 9.30, half an hour before the start. At 9.45, we were marshalled into a "holding pen" where it was standing room only - not exactly the best warmup, but there you go. First mile was slow because I was just trying to overtake people the whole time, about 5.40. But I managed to get near the front of our block of starters at 1 mile. Second mile felt really fast and I thought I've gone off way too fast, but it was only 5.30. This was a bad sign. Normally, I'm comfortable at this pace for the first half. Then at mile 3 we joined the competitors for the British marathon champs. I continued to overtake these until mile 7, but was working hard. I got to half way at 1.12 (o.k. but not great), and was already starting to feel very tired. It's clear that I just don't have the stamina at the moment.

    Already at mile 16 I was completely destroyed. I couldn't believe it - 10 miles still to go! So I was reduced to a crawl, and people were streaming past. Though I knew I would have to finish, I really couldn't imagine trying to run another 10 miles in my state. But you have no choice. So I just plodded along, all the time falling further back. I did take half a gel around mile 22 and for 2 miles I feel better, and started to get one or two people back. But then the last 2 miles were agony, and I started to get cramp in my right leg towards the end. Finished in 2.33. Certainly not my best time, but considering the state I was in, I'm happy with that. I was not a pretty picture afterwards to say the least (thank god there's a lot of porta-loos at the finish..). Might give marathons a miss for a bit, but it would certainly be good to come back and give it a proper shot some time.

    Thanks for the flattering picture Sam!

    Monday 24th April 2017 2.18pm

  2. JQ said...

    Brilliant effort Gwyn.
    And ran in a Westies vest.

    Wednesday 26th April 2017 8.28am

  3. Sharon Taylor said...

    how fab...well done...wish I could run as fast as you crawl :)

    Thursday 27th April 2017 10.11am

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