Donard Challenge - The Seven Stages of Grief

Flock sake this is harder than it should be, why the hell do I feel so drained already? Must just be a rough patch, lost a few places on that last climb but I'll make them up on the descent.

Why the hell did we go to the pub after the meal, I knew I needed an early night. And the last couple of weeks - that cold was just an excuse for being a wimp and not training.

F**k sake they shouldn't be in front of me! What the f**k do they think they're doing! Right, come on, just need one good line and I can reel them back.

What a disaster - to come all this way to mess up a British Champs race, absolutely pathetic. So many people passing, no-one says hello. (Though a few yell 'Come on Mercia!')

At least Niall's not here to beat me.

Cracking day for it though - amazing cloud inversion across the Irish Sea the mist-shrouded crags of the nearby peaks are beautiful and the final mile through the forest trail is idyllic. And the Frank Sinatraimpersonator in the Italian place last night was pretty good. Let's just  jot this down as a training on a nice day.

OK, it's just a training run and that's fine. You can let people past on the single track, no need to ruin their race. Ignore the shouts from Sam & Gregor, overtaking a slower runner on the last 100M after you've given up on the race would just be puerile. Get in some decent miles before Stuc a Chroin and I'll be fine.

BastienAlistairGregor tailing Ben!European style JamesSam

Posted by James Callender on Sat 8 Apr 2017 | 4 comments

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    Great report James - very funny. Keep on training and you wont come unstuck at Stuc!

    Monday 10th April 2017 8.34am

  2. Sam said...

    The short hop of the Irish sea was well worth it! The views were spectacular, the hill was challenging, the locals were extraordinarily friendly, the sun had his hat on and the company was great.

    More photos, results and a report by NIMRA here:

    Westies currently sit 12th in the British champs.. Out of 16.

    Monday 10th April 2017 3.27pm

  3. Alistair Boyer said...

    Perhaps, there was a reason that the photographer chose to put only James' photo in black and white! I think everyone else had a great race (I certainly enjoyed it). Beautiful conditions. Although, I did miss the wild horses because Bastien and James scared them off. All in all, a great first trip to Northern Ireland!

    1 down 2 to go!

    Monday 10th April 2017 8.08pm

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