Not The Christmas Pub Run

While some Westies were doing their utmost to prop up the UK's ailing brewing industry (and succeeding, judging by the photographs), others found themselves in Callander for Race #2 in the Trossachs Night Trail Series.

Conditions were perfect: cool and damp, and the route was all combinations of twisty, turny, rocky, leafy, rooty, uppy, downy, a little bit levelly, slippy, very slippy, not quite so slippy, and muddy with a couple of hundred metres of steep tarmac (ugh!) thrown in just for good measure. A terrific race with the added thrill of not really knowing where you were at any particular point. Or where anyone else was. Or why...

The race was won by some chap from Shettleson - I forget who - with some cracking Westies performances rewarded at the prizegiving: Val winning 2nd woman and first F50, Heather 3rd F, Ian 3rd M50, and Brian 2nd M60 (Gordon McCaffrey where were you?)

Many thanks to Angela Mudge for putting on a brilliant event.

1    25.33    Robert Simpson    Shettleston    M
14    31.25    Ian Thurlbeck    Westerlands    M50
15    31.50    Catriona Buchanan    Ochil HR    F
17    32.14    Marc Roper    Westerlands    M50
21    33.08    Val Houston    Westerlands    F50
26    33.56    Christopher McKiddie    Westerlands    M
31    34.47    Don Reid    Westerlands    M50
32    34.51    Heather Simpson    Westerlands    F
43    37.10    Brian Brennan    u/a (that's what it says Brian)    M60
45    37.42    Gordon Bulloch    Westerlands    M40
68    46.01    Carol Martin    Westerlands    F40

Full results, organiser's report, and details of the next race here:

Posted by Marc Roper on Mon 19 Dec 2016 | 3 comments

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  1. Brian B the elder said...

    A fantastic wee race and as Marc says it was a tad disorienting .....hard to tell exactly where you were or how far there was to go. Great run by Rob, Ian, Marc, Val etc while I was being pursued/overtaken/hunted by Gordon Bulloch and I suspect next time my number will be up.

    Wednesday 21st December 2016 12.25pm

  2. Gordy Bulloch said...

    Great little trail series with variation very much the name of the game. Plenty of elevation which slowed me to a walk at times before helping me play catch up on the way down. The underfoot conditions did the same, fly past the roadies on the mud before handing the places back on the flat gravel sections. Looking forward to the last instalment in Feb, hopefully this time i'll make it to the tape before Brian. Well done to Rob on his win and all the Westies who won prizes on the night.

    Thursday 22nd December 2016 9.20pm

  3. CSM said...

    Splendid wee race and good showing by westies. Enjoyed a steady wee run before being a smart alec with 200m to go, trying an overtaking manoeuvre and ending up flat on my face. Hopefully will be back on my feet to complete the trilogy in feb. well done everyone.

    Monday 26th December 2016 4.58pm

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