Westies Annual Dinner

What a great evening was had on Saturday. Fiona organised the annual Christmas dinner, as she has done for many years and it ran like clockwork. Westies old and new catching up and the conversation, banter and laughter was non-stop all night. The only break in proceeding was for the club captain and ladies captainess to announce how well Westies had done over the year, awards going to Jamie, Fiona, Helen, James and Claire. Sorry James we drank your beer! Dave Calder also brilliant as usual with his observations on Westies race reports.


I was lucky enough to be awarded Westie of the Year for 2016. Thank you to those who voted for me. It is a real honour to have my name on the cup for a second time. I’m truly humbled.


I will use this opportunity as WoTY to say thank you to all Westies who took part in organising the 2016 British Athletics Fell and Hill Running Relay Championships in Luss especially the Relay Committee Team, Jamie, Christine, Helen, John H, Lizzy and Pat. I believe we did show that Westerlands knows how to put on a race.

Westie of the Year Cup

Posted by Sharon Taylor on Mon 12 Dec 2016 | 3 comments

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