Dumgoyne Handicap 2015

The winner of the 2015 Dumgoyne Handicap, and recipient of the Simon Triger Memorial Trophy, is Gordon Bulloch. In a reversal of their Goatfell placings, Robert Simpson finished second, just ahead of Gregor Stewart. Gregor's run time of 38.41 appears to be a new course record, lowering the time of 39.08 set by Alastair Graves in 2012.

Well done to all the Westies who turned out to enjoy the scenic course on a superb May evening.


  Finish time Run time  
Gordon Bulloch 61.50 55.50 Winner of Simon Triger Memorial Trophy
Robert Simpson 62.06 40.06  
Gregor Stewart 62.41 38.41 New course record
Sarah Adam 63.30 53.30  
Ian Thurlbeck 65.17 46.17  
Cameron Burt 65.50 44.50  
Mark Roper 66.16 50.16  
Peter Midgley 66.32 61.32  
Lars 67.42 49.42  
Peter Grassl 67.52 59.50  
Steffen Gorgas 68.10 52.10  
Leyre Flores 68.20 59.20  
Don Reid 68.20 54.20  
John Hamer 71.04 61.04  
Robbie Macdonald 71.47 50.47  
Carol 75.45 75.45  
Eileen Hamill 83.47 83.47  

Posted by John Hamer on Thu 21 May 2015 | 5 comments

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  1. Cam said...

    It was a lovely May evening.

    The win by Gordon was well deserved as he took nearly 5 minutes off his PB - fantastic run!

    Thursday 21st May 2015 4.39pm

  2. Gordy said...

    Evie, my 8 yr old daughter always asks 'did you win?' when I get back from a race, usually I respond with ' not this time' but not last night!

    Great turnout and the weather wasn't too bad either. I knew I would be able to go a bit quicker than last year and if I could top out with a bit of a lead I had a chance of holding it back to Strathblane. Really pleased to get under 56.

    Great run by Gregor, sub 39 is seriously quick, and by Rob who must have had me in his sights coming down the last bit of road.

    Good luck to all heading for Jura.

    Thursday 21st May 2015 6.21pm

  3. gibson fleming said...

    well done gordon it is a long way back on the track after the descent

    Saturday 23rd May 2015 9.30pm

  4. Dave said...

    Good to see a large turnout for this race. Well done Gordon. And Gregor. And everyone else. I hope there were some good tussles on the tarmac before the finish?

    Monday 25th May 2015 5.19pm

  5. Gregor said...

    I was actually aiming for 39mins But didn't let this slip before the race started since I've gotten wise to how handicaps are calculated/made up. I was delighted to be given an estimated time of 42 mins and tried to keep a straight face whilst enjoying Roberts reaction that he too was starting with me!

    In the end Robert negotiated a better handicap and meant I had someone to chase. Had a good climb and noticed lots of wee places you could take a racing line on the way down which is exactly what I did.

    Seemed to save some time but still didn't let me catch Rob Who had a great run. Hopefully you're running tonight Rob - Kilpatricks should suit you.

    Wednesday 27th May 2015 4.16pm

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