HBT v Westies Grudge Match

5 Westies raced and 2 came to support ( Thanks Grim and Lizzy). This was a fun day. The route got shortened to 2.5 miles so short sharp and fast! However the snow was up to our knees and ice black and dangerous! Once on the hill you could wade deep in snow a long the route. Ian was First vet man and i was first ( the only) vet woman.  Great prizes of beer and chocolates. Also a great banter in the pub afterwards. We don't have the results yet but sadly HBT took first place only in the open category. A great day out. 

Grudge Match 2014Grudge Match 2014Grudge Match 2014Grudge Match 2014Grudge Match 2014

Posted by Paula Gardiner on Sat 13 Dec 2014 | comments are open

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