Westies Mhor 84 Duathlon

My oh my don't Westies just love pies. I mean we just *love* 'em. When Paula flopped those beauties out there were eyes-a-poppin' and jaws-a-droppin' all around the table. Whatever it was we had done to deserve 'em, we'd happily do it all over again just to get ourselves some of them there pies. Don was first to get his hands on a pair. Deference to superior age, hill running and cycling ability, apparently. It was my turn next (yay!), followed by Helen and then new girl Steph (well done, Steph!). Then the helpers. We all need our helpers - thanks Sharon (top time keeper), Jamie (second top time keeper), Pat (third best time keeper). Christine (4th best time keeper) also helped but had to head off early - tough, you gotta be there to get some. Why didn't you ask for more pies, Paula? "I didn't want to get to gready, felt I should leave some for all those starving children in Gaza, etc." Yeah, whatever.

Thanks to all those responsible (i.e. Paula) for organising the best Westies duathlon this year, and one of the top Westies duathlons ever. Keep up the good work, and you can be sure we'll be back for more (pies!) next year!

  Hill Race T1 Bike T2 Road Combined
Don 39:08 3:00 1:18:15 2 17:20 2:19:43
John Hamer 43:07 4:00 1:28:53 3 17:32 2:36:36
Helen 53:45 3:30 1:44:12 1 18:43 3:01:10
Steph 53:45 3:30 1:53:30 - - DNF
Paula Did complete stages but wasn't timed :)

Posted by John Hamer on Sun 10 Aug 2014 | 5 comments

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  1. Paula said...

    Really really finding it hard to comment on this! What a great day. For those who did not bother turning up shame on you! Your loss. Big thanks to Mhor84 for donating 15 pies for prizes and letting us in for a great lunch. I marked the route with balloons and managed to sweep. Thanks to everyone who made the effort and made it a fun day out. Big thanks to our marshalls who stood for hours.

    Sunday 10th August 2014 7.27pm

  2. HelMac said...

    Pies, pies and more pies. I even came home to a steak pie dinner! The Mhor84 pies look and smell fab; can't wait to get tucked into them. They were well earned-by competitors and support alike. This was my first ever duathlon. And what a brilliant course - hill run, cycle through one of Scotland's beautiful glens and a wee flat run just to test the legs would still operate. It took a while but the did. The body is not operating so well now it's all over, but I don't care now. It was worth it for the experience. Thanks to Paula and crew for organisation and support. Put it on your calendar for next year folks.

    Sunday 10th August 2014 8.28pm

  3. Sharon Taylor said...

    Fab day had by all...runners and Helpers...even the rain and the biting midges couldn't quash the fun....some good Brucie impersonations and high jump visualisations....:)

    Sunday 10th August 2014 9.43pm

  4. Don said...

    I think the marshals had the hardest job dodging the midges for 2.5 hrs in the soggy woods at the bottom of Ben Shean - full credit to you all. Big thanks to Paula for organising this - and to those people who wimped out because of the forecast, it really wasn't that bad - the road was almost dry at Inverlochlarig for goodness sake!
    It really is a great course and well worth doing next year.

    As for the pies - all i can say is - can i have some mhor!

    Sunday 10th August 2014 11.26pm

  5. Steph K said...

    Echo Helen and Don's comments about the AMAZING course(what I saw of it).

    HUGE thanks to Paula for organising the event and marshals for marshalling and cheering us on.

    Extra special thanks to Paula and Sharon: How great is a club captain who organises a bike for the use of a clueless participant??! And a massive thank you to Sharon for the loan of her most excellent bike!

    Monday 11th August 2014 6.59pm

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