Simon Triger Dumgoyne Handicap

This year's race was a romp home for Capt. Hamer as he hoodwinked the handicapper and won by a clear two minutes. The sun shone for the baker's dozen of Westies who enjoyed a lovely sunny evening racing up and down Dumgoyne in memory of the late Simon Triger. Curly-wurlies and lollipops were also enjoyed by all.Thanks everyone for turning up.

1   John Hamer 79m 40s

2   David Dickson 81m 51s

3   Pauls Auce      81m 56s

4   Hamilton Semple 82m 00s

5   John Quinn   82m 14s

6   Ian Thurlbeck 82m 25s

7   Gordon Bulloch 83m 40s

8   Steve Gilligan   84m 03s

9   Steffen Gorgas 84m 08s

10  Cameron Burt  85m 27s

11 Jamie Provan 96m 00s

11 Pat McLaughlin 96m 00s

11 Sharon Taylor 96m 00s



Ian   46m 25s

Cam 48m 27s

David 51m 51s

Steffen 53m 08s

Pauls 53m 56s

JohnQ 55m 14s

JohnH 56m 40s

Hamilton 57m 00s

Steve 58m 03s

Gordon 60m 40s

Jamie/Sharon/Pat 96m 00s

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Posted by John Donnelly on Wed 21 May 2014 | 3 comments

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  1. Manny said...

    Very well done you all, especially Cptn Hamer by example - I can hear our Simon laughing in approval...

    Thursday 22nd May 2014 12.02am

  2. john donnelly said...

    Club Records for this now updated

    Thursday 22nd May 2014 1.12am

  3. Tish said...

    Well done all (and especially me!). Thanks to JD for the handicapping. All agreed you did an excellent job. The cheque is on its way.

    Thursday 22nd May 2014 6.39am

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