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The first ever Westies Duathlon took place in the Trossachs today. Numbers weren’t great but those few that turned up seemed to have a great time. The downpours only soaked myself, Paula and Sharon when marking the course and it was otherwise a good day for Ken, Gregor and Nick who joined us.

Gregor flew up the first hill, followed by Ken and myself and had a good 5 minutes lead over me at transition, Ken having twice graciously took detours to allow me a slight lead. On the cycle I managed to make up a few minutes on Gregor by Inverlochlarig road-end, followed closely by Ken. (Nick had turned up late, joined Gregor for the cycle and then got lost so was only seen by me at the end!).

Gregor obviously took fright at having a couple of oldies (sorry Ken) so close behind and he pulled away to have a good lead for the last trail run. Ken was just behind me as I set off with rubbery legs, but he seemed to be suffering a shoe malfunction so I held him off to finish in silver medal position. Gregor was way ahead and cruised home to be 2013 Westies Duathlon Champion. Paula and Sharon managed bits of the course in between course marking and bike-sitting, and being eaten alive by midges, and Nick enjoyed his bit-part in the day.

Afterwards everyone made it to the Mor 84 Hotel nearby for a lovely lunch and special prizes of Mor steak pies. I enjoyed myself lots and hopefully everyone else did too. If you weren’t there you missed out on a really fun day.

See you next year.


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Posted by John Donnelly on Sat 22 Jun 2013 | 8 comments

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  1. Gregor said...

    Great effort everybody!

    What a fantastic day.

    I knew John and Ken would be strong on the bike, so I decided to try and get a wee bit of a head start on Ben Sheann. The route actually suited me very well, being a little less steep than the new race route, and allowed me to start the bike ride after about 30 minutes.

    The bike ride was really good fun too. By coincidence, the route was being used for the Rob Roy Challenge, which meant there was a huge number of cyclists on the first half of our race route. There must've been hundreds of them - all making they're way along the road we were using at their own pace. But, because they were all spread out, they didn't really get in the way at all.

    At the halfway point I was pretty happy with my pace on the bike, having cycled for around 35mins. I figured I would pass John and Ken further up the road, but they had made excellent time and were only a mile or two behind me when we crossed paths.

    Time to speed up a little, I thought, and before I knew it, I was back at the foot of Ben Sheann. Boy was I glad to see that hill, and boy was I glad I had already ran up it!!

    I had kept ahead of the others, and set off to run two miles around the forest in Strathyre. This was the worst bit. I don't think I've felt so tired in a long time. But, by running, at least it meant I wouldn't by bother by the midges.

    I completed lap one, and saw that both John and Ken had set off on their ways. Potentially, not far behind me at all....which was quite concerning at the time. I couldn't really speed up so just kept plodding along, hoping that they were just as tired as I was.

    Lap two, was slower still, but luckily the gap I had established at this point was enough, and I held on.

    The best part was yet to come. The food an drink at Mhor 84. Quite possibly my new favourite restaurant!

    Thanks have go to Paula and Sharron for organising and timing the race. See you again next year.

    Saturday 22nd June 2013 9.38pm

  2. john donnelly said...

    Great report Gregor, glad you enjoyed the day; I certainly did. Enjoy your pies!!!

    Saturday 22nd June 2013 10.19pm

  3. john donnelly said...

    my Garmin record ( all on "cycle" mode)

    Saturday 22nd June 2013 10.23pm

  4. Simple Pieman said...

    Why was there no mention of pie before this event?!

    Sunday 23rd June 2013 11.22pm

  5. john donnelly said...

    Pieman, if we'd said pies were prizes then everyone would've turned up!!! Serves you right for not being there, see you next year.

    Sunday 23rd June 2013 11.26pm

  6. kenmac said...

    Yup, thanks from me to John and Paula for organising the event - and for Paula and Sharon standing in the swarm of midges for two-and-a-half hours!

    After my navigational 'challenge' on the straightforward up-and-back hill run (I can get lost walking from my house to the car...) I thought I might have half a chance of catching John up on the bike - but I had no chance. I discovered that cycling after running isn't that easy, particularly when there's lots of wee hills on a route, and, more importantly, that John keeps going relentlessly... A lack of a shoelace on the final run didn't make any difference since I couldn't lift my feet more than an inch off the ground by that time.

    Great event, great pies - what more could you want?

    Monday 24th June 2013 9.49pm

  7. Paula said...

    I have managed to draw a few patterns on my legs due to midgie bites! It was all worth it. A great fun day and i managed to do the hill to mark it and get lollipops at the top. Also managed a bit of the cycle before i had to turn round.
    We need a womens team next year!
    Thanks for coming to the event and making it fun.

    Tuesday 25th June 2013 1.48pm

  8. Paula said...

    This is Kens activity from my garmin

    Tuesday 25th June 2013 1.51pm

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