Simon Triger Dumgoyne Handicap


We had 15 runners, and a close finish with the first 3 runners arriving back within 30 seconds. 

Ian Thurlbeck did enough to win the handicap and hold off the challenge from Peter Harper and Gregor Stewart, who were barrelling down on him at the end. 

Gregor ran the fastest time of the night with 41:51, which is the 3rd fastest of all time after Alastair Graves and Tim Austin. 

Tori King was the fastest lady with 58:36.

Cameron Burt was closest to his estimated time (44:52 vs 45 min).

And finally, many thanks to Steph for agreeing last minute to assist with time-keeping.

Posted by Chris Upson on Wed 22 May 2013 | 2 comments

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  1. Graham K said...

    As always, an emotional wee evening remembering a pal !

    Great to see a nice mix of Westies old and new. Especially good fun watching the young team battle it out on the silly steep descent off Dumgoyne before they sped off into the distance.

    Cheers to Chris for working out the handicaps and to the fair Steph for the time keeping !

    Thursday 23rd May 2013 8.36am

  2. Cam said...

    Was a great evening for run, albeit a little chilly waiting to start thanks to the sharp breeze. Thanks to Chris for setting the handicaps and to Steph for signing us all back in!

    Thursday 23rd May 2013 1.28pm

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