Chatelherault Handicap Race

Including helpers (Drew and I) and non-racers (Elizabeth & Neil) there was a healthy turnout of around 20 for this trail run round Chatelherault Country Park. Poor Drew had to endure an hour of horrendous hailstones to set the trail, though probably half the field managed to take different routes than that set by him. Fortunately the weather relented for the start to give us benign conditions. Sarah won the Westies Easter Egg for first finisher, just holding off John. Pat was third and, due to her taking the correct route, probably the moral victor! Captain Chris was fastest runner. See you all at the next Handicap - the Simon Triger Memorial Race at Dumgoyne on 23rd May.

1 Sarah Adam...........66m 17s
2 John McInally...... ..66m 19s
3 Pat Mclaughlin...... .67m 02s
4 Peter Midgely........ 67m 22s
5 Graham Kelly....... .67m 51s
6 Hamilton Semple... 68m 03s
7 Duncan Riddell.... ..68m 12s
8 John Quinn ............68m 26s
9 Chris Upson...........68m 40s
10 John Hutchinson ..69m 43s
11 Johnston Orr...... .70m 34s
12 Don Reid........... .72m 28s
13 David Dickson.... 73m 55s
14 Jamie Provan ......75m 15s
15 John Hamer ........77m 22s
16 Gibson Fleming... 80m 51s


Chris Upson .......44m 40s
Graham Kelly .....47m 51s
John Quinn .........49m 26s
Johnston Orr..... .49m 34s
Don Reid ............50m 28s
Hamilton Semple .51m 03s
Sarah Adam ........51m 17s
Duncan Riddell ....52m 12s
John McInally ......54m 19s
Peter Midgely ......57m 22s
John Hutchinson ...58m 43s
David Dickson .....59m 55s
Jamie Provan .......62m 15s
John Hamer .........64m 22s
Pat Mclaughlin......67m 02s
Gibson Fleming ....67m 57s

Posted by John Donnelly on Thu 12 Apr 2012 | 6 comments

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  1. graham k said...

    Many thanks to all involved in organising :-)

    Great evening to be out running with pals and cheers tae John Q,Duncan & Hamilton for making the run hurt !

    Thursday 12th April 2012 11.23pm

  2. Don said...

    this is the 2nd year in a row that i have had a bad case if shatelheraults at this race, but it was still a great night out. Loved the slippy descents and really technical nadgery bits!!
    Well done to all that ran and thanks to Drew and John for time keeping and dodgy handicaps.

    Friday 13th April 2012 12.31am

  3. Chris said...

    Thanks to Drew and JD for braving the miserable conditions to mark the course and manage the time-keeping. Unfortunately the torrential deluge before the start ensured that all Drew's markings had been washed away, thereby making the route finding a bit of a free for all. Interestingly enough, Gibby was the only runner who took a map, and finished last by some margin.
    The landslip area, awash with greasy grey mud, was tricky underfoot. Thanks to all who turned up and took part!

    Friday 13th April 2012 8.24am

  4. David Dickson said...

    First timer, but that`s a great race route.

    As ever a fantastic effort from Drew and helpers - much appreciated

    Friday 13th April 2012 8.35am

  5. Jamie Provan said...

    must of taken a while to put up the "footpath closed" signs ;)

    will remember the route for next year - great night

    Friday 13th April 2012 9.23am

  6. Johnston said...

    It seems that the usual creative route abuse took place, although with many new faces and the aforementioned downpour, that's entirely understandable! Glad everyone got back OK.

    A very lonely run at the back for me - the only person I saw was Chris, passing me at the same spot as the last time I ran this in 2008. Not sure what Don did to merit being handicapped into oblivion?!

    Can't say I enjoy this route any more. Most of the outer loop is OK but the landslip and bridge closure happened between the 2007 and 2008 races and still hasn't been repaired; indeed, it's so bad that it's now an incongruous scramble in what is otherwise a fast-paced trail run. I can see good reasons for taking the "footpath closed" signs seriously these days as this is the first time I've noticed obvious holes in the bridge! Don't fancy trying my luck on another crossing, so I'll be giving this one a miss from now on. Shame to see how some parts of the tracks have deteriorated.

    Possibly best for our 'ringer' John Bell that his back injury flared up during the warm-up, as the scramble seemed unlikely to be good therapy!

    Friday 13th April 2012 9.49pm

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