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Grey, mild, muddy conditions for this year's Westies Christmas Handicap. The Flemings plus friends made up almost one third of the field. Johnston stole the show with the most hideous fancy dress of recent years in his golden morph suit.

Dave Calder was a clear winner in the handicap race, with Jon Slowe next to finish in by far the fastest time of the day (18:18) in his first ever run around the course. Paula was fastest lady in 22:43, and Sheila Fleming was last to finish after she enjoyed a much longer run than the rest of us out to the Scout camps at Auchengillan.

2011 Westies Christmas HandicapJohnston's morph suitJD and DC were taking it seriouslyRod Fleming and Chris take offJon SloweCameron BurtJohannes and ColinJohnstonGibby finishing just ahead of Grim

Posted by Chris Upson on Wed 28 Dec 2011 | 1 comment

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  1. Morph said...

    It wasn't easy to see where I was going! By the time I'd reached the road and took a proper look at the world, my starting partner Jon 'NotSo' Slowe was away round the next corner! Chris was cutting a dash as the flying violinist.

    Am thinking of wearing my regular Westies gear next year and saying that I've dressed as Steffen.

    Wednesday 28th December 2011 12.20pm

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