Loch Ossian 2011

5th & 6th November 2011

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It was a strong and enthusiastic group of 19 Westies that made the pilgrimage to the Loch Ossian Youth Hostel this year.

So the things of note from the weekend, in no particular order, were John Hamer's solo run round the loch on Sunday morning when he managed to beat the hour; the wonderful collection of pirate costumes, complete with swords, parrots (big and small), penguins (?), pistols (water), and many skulls with the cross bones; and of course the food, that was delicious and just went on and on; the dancing ; the quiz with no answers ; Cam's swim in the loch; and on both nights some stalwarts managed to party the night through to see in the dawn; but (and there has to be a but) there was almost no singing !

On Saturday there were groups on the Easains, Aonach Beag ridge, Sgor Gaibhre, and a party caught the train to Tulloch and battled their way back through the mud and muck of the wood before hitting the better track through Glen ????. . . We all got back with a healthy glow and sense of having worked hard and could now enjoy ourselves with a bit of over indulgence and hedonism, and so we set to. Food and drink came out, and was consumed, our intellect was challenged in a taxing quiz, people managed not to immolate themselves with Gibby's flaming balls ( more by luck than judgement ), the firework was set off , and then we danced the night away.( at least that is all I remember ).

Sunday, predictably, was a bit slower . Beinn na Lap was done by a large and purposeful party (well some things just have to be done), while 2 groups went up Sgor Gaibhre. After all the tidying up was done we were treated to a magnificent display of superhuman flexibility with the 'bending down to pick up a cereal box with your teeth'. The final, with about 1inch of box and 40min to the train came down to Ross and Christine. Ross went first and got the box but fell over, while Christine was like a lithe heron as she bent at the waist and extended her long neck to pick up the box with ease.

Back at the station we had time for a quick Grand Old Duke of York, and Hokey Kokey (so there was some singing) and we all made it back to Bridge of Orchy with no further incident.

So thanks to all those who came along, baked and cooked, and generally work hard (particularly, Fiona as the organiser) to make it such a good weekend. With numbers like this, I can see it continuing in the calendar for a while yet.

Home Sweet Home for two days.Christine about to do her Joan of Arc impersonation.Colin's head spontaneously combusts.The Stars are falling.Party in full pirate swing.Another happy ending.Flaming Poi Usage Instructions

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  1. Charlie said...

    "A while yet"!

    Hopefully for the best part of another two decades like we've been doing.

    A great fun filled weekend, and the weather Gods were kind to us this year, as the photos show. Thanks again to Fiona for organising.

    'Til next year.

    Tuesday 8th November 2011 1.37am

  2. John Hamer said...

    What an outstanding weekend! A great mix of fun and hilarity, silly games and nonsense, fabulous food, spectacular scenery and weather, wonderful, wonderful company. Enough exertion on the Saturday to excuse the excesses of the evening. I'm looking forward to next year's Loch Ossian adventure already. Special thanks to Fiona for her superb organising.

    Tuesday 8th November 2011 5.29pm

  3. Paula said...

    It was one of the best weekends i have had in a long time. Thanks to everyone for making it that way (especially Fiona for her organising). I managed to bag 5 munroes with spectactular views and great company! The fun and frolics in the evening was fab! All i can say to Charlie and Manny are .....good effort you two!!! Westies wummin and men are all great!! till next is in my diary already.

    Thursday 10th November 2011 3.25pm

  4. Brenda said...

    A brilliant w/e at Loch Ossian, my 3rd trip there & as usual the Westies know how to have fun. The weather was great. On the Friday night we arrived by bike after our 14 mile cycle & Maisy’s bike trailer did the job fine, carrying our bags & alcohol. 3 new Munros on the Saturday which I thoroughly enjoyed followed by some more alcohol, dressing up, quiz, dancing, fireworks & lots of lovely food. With lack of sleep on the Saturday night we managed another 2 new Munros on the Sunday before our cycle back to the car as Manny was badly deteriorating as the day went on from the amount of alcohol & lack of sleep he had the night before, but it serves him right & it did slow him down a bit. We made it back to the car by 4.30 pm on the Sunday. Thanks to Fiona for organising it all & sorry we were not around on the Sunday to help tidy up. Looking forward to next year.

    Thursday 10th November 2011 8.16pm

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