The Campsie Canter

26th March 2011

After the interminable stream of organising emails the Campsie Canter got off to a flying start at just after 7am on a cold but dry Saturday morning.

There was much excitement as the first runners warmed up and the teams made the final adjustments to their race plans, then they were off. John, Helen and Muffy, on the first leg.

And after 9.5 hours, 88 km and 2900 meters of ascent we were all back again after a fun-filled and exciting day.

Some of the high points were the changeover at the Spout of Ballochleam, where everyone had a pleasant walk up the hill to watch Team 1 snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with an unusual tactical route choice in the last 500 metres to the handover. We also had fun at Craignivan where young Beatrice joined in the fun and ran relays with her Dad and made us all feel very old.

With such good clear weather navigation was not an issue, at least on the hill legs. The same cannot be said for some of the shorter legs, and the watching crowds at the leg 6/7 handover were surprised to see all 3 runners come in from behind them, as they had got lost in the Mines of Moria ... at least that was their story and they are sticking to it.

At times the competition got quite intense, so much so that when Paula was up to her waist in a bottomless swamp near Meikle Bin, she was left to her fate as the others sped on their way saying they never saw a thing....

The rumour is that the race was won by Team 3 or at least by their baton which was carried on every leg.

After the race, the eating and drinking continued well into the night and nobody was too worried about losing an hour's sleep.

So thanks to all the runners and supporters who took part in a wonderful spirit of hard working fun, and charitably handling the glitches that the organisers were not able to prevent.

Full teams below.

Team 1
1 David Riach
2 Ellie Homewood
3 Johannes Courtial
4 Gibby Fleming
5 Sheila Fleming
6 Helen Macpherson
7 Ana Talbot

Team 2
1 Chris Upson
2 Steffen Gorgas
3 Peter Grassl
4 Catriona Miller
5 Keith Adams / Pauline McAdam
6 Muffy Calder
7 Fiona Hutchinson, Elizabeth Adams

Team 3
1 Niall McAlinden
2 John Donnelly
3 Paula Cowan
4 Christine Menhennet
5 Colin Porteous
6 John Hutchinson
7 Pat McLaughlin

Supporters and drivers were Graeme, Drew and Margaret, Neil and of course Beatrice.

Posted by John Hutchinson on Thu 31 Mar 2011 | 4 comments

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  1. Charlie said...

    First and foremost big thanks to John and Fiona for the organisation, etc, etc, X many…

    And Well done Westies, on another Grand day out!
    Now all we need to read are some reports of the ‘on the ground’ stuff from the participants, less we get an improvised report from the Far East, courtesy of a certain Ming(ing) Emperor Calder…

    Friday 1st April 2011 9.24pm

  2. Ming the Emperor said...

    At least Ming Calder is better than Ming Campbell, which would for sure cause some confusion.

    Thanks John; not only did you organise the event, but it seems you are also the official scribe. What about the other 27 participants...and especially the Birthday Girl(s; I think there were at least two)?

    And, in particular, I would like to hear from Sheila, whom I was reliably informed was taking my shoulders in vain!!!!!

    Saturday 2nd April 2011 11.54am

  3. Charlie said...

    Well said, the Minging One – Birthday girls speak up!!
    Would the real Aunty Pat, please stand up, please stand up… (you know the tune)
    Ps What is this about shoulders? You talking bravado about yir big boulders…

    Saturday 2nd April 2011 6.52pm

  4. Pat said...

    Less of the Aunty Pat you cheeky young whippersnapper. I'll have you know I'm now to be referred to as Great Aunt or Grand Dame. You youngsters need to learn respect for your elders and betters. As to the Campsie Canter, a great day was had by all helped in no small way by fairly good weather. I do however take issue with the comments regarding the leg 6 section as we were given a change of route at the eleventh hour and the information and new route turned out to be pretty duff. Nothing daunted we soldiered on and after much consultation and perusal of the map we reverted to the original planned route which entailed a further half mile uphill to the new changeover (that's at least 2 miles in Westies distance). On arriving at the said point we were greeted by lots of empty cars and no people as they were standing in totally the wrong place. I ask you !!!

    Very ratty Graunty Pat

    Monday 4th April 2011 11.17pm

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