hodgson relays

5th october 1997

theakstons and fruit cake!

ladies team

Thanks to Jon Broxap of Kendal for providing floor space and route intimacies for the seven of the Westies Womens Team the night before the race.

Thanks to the luxury hotel in Boness for providing the eighth member with four poster bed, jacuzzi, bar, gymn, and personal trainer!

Thanks to my partner on the first leg, Jenny Rae, for telling me that the race had started (I was busy chatting at the time!) and for pacing us well up the first climb, on to a storming ridge run and hairy descent into Patterdale to finish this leg in second position.

Thanks to Moria for the run of her Westie's life and still managing to smile at the end of it having partnered Jane on the second leg. Thanks to Jane for being brave enough (or is it daft enough?) to run with a broken arm and remain vertical and cheerful throughout. Moira and Jane bombed down the track from Angle Tarn to retain second position.

Thanks to Noreen, not only for limiting her luggage to just two enormous bags not the potential three had she remembered her hair dryer and dancing clothes 'just in case'!, but also for running well on the third leg with its chossy descents and tricky navigation. Big thanks to Elsie for dragging herself out of the jacuzzi on her wedding anniversary to partner Noreen round the this awkward leg and down through the slippy boulders to the Kirkstone Pass. Clayton Le Moors just pipped us to the post on this leg, owing to local knowledge of the route, but we maintained our calm and sent the fourth leggers off into the mist optimistic of a good outcome.

Suitable moment for some of us to nip in for a swift Theaksons at this point!

Thanks to Rosemary for keeping a cool head and focussing on fruit cake, as the clag closed in on the steep scramble of Red Screes, the first climb of the final leg. Thanks to Pat, Rosemary's partner, for careful navigation in thick mist and for restricting her bad language regarding the nature of the terrain to a muffled shout rather than a loud bellow - Westie's Women do try to be ladies after all. Pat and Rosemary made an inspired sprint finish, thus keeping at bay Pudsey and Bamley, previously in first position but unable to navigate, thus pulling us back into second position.

Rosemary won a bottle of whisky on a side stall competition and a good weekend was had by all. Well done everybody!

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